Blender 2023A infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2023A infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Skrubly good day fellow blenderistas
t h e e r
the blender reduces to a fine paste
warpus i can feel the excitement in the air
its time to begin the first blender of 2023!
ill skip over the boring details and get right to the point
i am currently collecting words to add to our magic hat - please send
in one subject i.e. horse, one activity i.e. picking your nose
and one location i.e. radmans basement via private message
those who have already done so, you rock!
while this is happening, please give us 5-10 minutes while we
collect incoming words and ask the magic hat to make a selection
t h e q u e e n . . . i s n o t a sub je c t
warpus the hat is beginning to turn and churn. give us a few more
cthulu We are literally fighting over them
I have Warpus in a headlock
Hes biting my leg
warpus i hope youre immune to rabies
cthulu How can those happen at the same time? Try not to visualise it
Ok, the ref has called a time out
warpus good timing, we are about to announce the .. wait
cthulu Warpus is sneaking up behind the ref holding a folding chair
Thats playing dirty, warp!
warpus the ref didnt see it
cthulu He turns around and sees warpus
Red card!
Or is that just in soccer?
warpus soccer and contact chess
lets call it a tie
and announce the 3 words
cthulu Ok oddly quiet blender fans, we have words
warpus the subject this time around is something everybody loves.. or
hates.. or is... HIPPIES
cthulu Phew, stinky patchouli
What is taking place? Its a FEEDING FRENZY!
warpus and where/when/what/why is this happening? an ALIEN INVASION
cthulu Are the aliens eating the hippies?
Are the hippies eating the aliens?
Are they sitting down together for a cosmic potluck?
warpus or are the hippies and the aliens competing @ a hotdog eating contest
ok, probably not that one, but you get it
cthulu Maybe the food is eating both the hippies and the invading aliens
Thats a real twilight zone twist
Its up to you!
h a l f t i m e
warpus I am sad to report that the blender half-time show has been
cancelled for this particular blender due to bullshit reasons I will
not repeat
cthulu The ref wouldnt let you back on the field
m o r e t h a n h a l f t i m e
warpus 10 fucking minutes left
hennifer Ok Im ready to start working on my entry!
Hopefully next time
Warpus distracted me this time around
cthulu he can be rather distracting
when he asks if you want to see a Pole dancing show you need to know
what youre getting into
t h e r e s u l t s
cthulu all right you weirdos
I know youve all been very quietly patiently waiting for the judging
to take place
warpus and I had words
warpus sentences too
cthulu a few numbers
it was very difficult judging
some excellent art, some strong use of the topics
I will start with some honorable mentions, thanks for taking part:
Blender OG Skrubly of P.u.P.!
I anticipated the twist in your story, but it was a good one
warpus a great story which should be eventually turned into a hollywood
blockbuster starring a bruce willis deepfake
cthulu and Blippypixel of Mistigris who basically dropped his entry almost
before we had finished announcing the words
Im sure hes made about 30-40 other artworks since then, 24 hrs ago
thats just the pace he works at.
but now we get to the podium
in third place, the man is his own artgroup
seriously, he just released a solo pack with a guest, go check it out
at 16 colours
thank you Nitron of ... Nitron!
formerly affiliated with Blur!
your piece was tiny but tight
all polish
speaking of which, heres Warpus!
warpus hey heres me!
about to say things of great importance
in second place comes an entry that told a harrowing tale of an alien
feeding frenzy in ansi format
24 years in the making
but actually only 24 hours in the making
but sort of 24 years
cthulu literally first ANSI in 24 years
warpus a sub by fOnebOne of ANEMIA
cthulu I was pulling for you to take first place
but warpus forced me to listen to the voice of reason
well, he yelled some Polish expletives in my ear
but in the end we had to give first place
to a joint effort by two titans
Tainted and Avg representing Fire
warpus they did send in slightly nicer dick pics, too
cthulu fonebones was loose and raw, but this one is polished and tight
Im talking about their artwork, not about their dick pics btw
so 3 points to Fire, two points to Anemia and Nitrons point to ...
Blender itself!
Thanks to all the participants!
cthulu there has been talk about launching an ANSI only Blender
warpus a Blansder
cthulu given the outcome of this compo, its not entirely clear whether that
would be entirely necessary
nitron blockster?
cthulu but if you like the idea let us know, I was going to call it
the Cuisin-art
who knows if or when that will happen
in the meantime though we have dates for the next plain jane Blender
April 22-23
so put it in your calendar!
Ill try to have the artpack out tonight
warpus, any other announcements we have to make?
any dates people should book for this summers next lazapalooza?
Ill take that as a no
warpus it might be at some point in june or july of this year
Skrubly Thanks for the honorable mention - to see FIRE take top spot really
takes me back. Looking forward very much to the pack!
cthulu Always a pleasure, Skrub!
tainted woohoo! im going to celebrate with a joint and a burger, and wait for
the impending invasion
cthulu peace out, blenderhedz!
a n d s o . . .
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, april 22nd - sunday, april 23rd, 2023
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer
cthulu its hard to write blender infofiles with no irc logs
but I will find a way