Blender 2022D infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2022D infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Cthulu oh shit, so if my time calculations are correct, its Blend O Clock
Warpus Hey motherblenderers!
t h e e r
the blender juliennes fries
w e g o t o l d
Skrubly I just relized that my IRC script LiCe v2.6.5, copyright 1997 is
older than a significant number of my coworkers. Life is strange.
s u b j e c t o b j e c t a c c o r d
nitron heard there was a blend. curious what the subject matter is
Cthulu well that is the question is it not
this time the game is wide open because mister roboto is officially
sitting out
after winning I think the last three in a row
sad, because it denies us another piece of amazing gonzo mr roboto
but exciting because it gives some other sucker a fighting chance!
kniffy last place here i come
Warpus Send all questions submissions words and dick pics to Cthulu
Cthulu warp, youre thinking of the blendr app
Cthulu since were close to halloween
spooky words are encouraged
Warpus Such as ghost or zombie ghost
Cthulu what could be scarier than the zombie ghost
but the mummy vampire!
Skrubly did I tell the story of my friend who was scared of both zombies
AND sharks
and when he didnt take his medication he was really scared of Air
Sharks, which are sharks that swim in the air and are lurking for
you behind a corner down a hallway
Warpus Those are the worst kinds of sharks
Skrubly and long ago we found a clip online of a really cheesy horror
movie and it had a zombie fistfighting a shark underwater
I feel bad, in some ways, but its hard to feel bad about
something that is just so perfectly tailored to one person
I mean we all laughed about it, after the running and the
screaming and everything
Warpus In the movie cabin boy a guy fucks a shark
Cabin boy is apparently very loosely based on the works of homer
Cthulu o brother where art thou is famously loosely adapted from the
Strange Brew is very loosely based on Hamlet
Skrubly Hamlet 2 was based on... well, a lot of stuff
Cthulu Hamlet 2: Electric Boogaloo
Warpus Hamlet 3 is going to be good
Skrubly Hamlet 3: The Hamleting
Cthulu hamlet 3: kill your uncle with a vengeance
Skrubly I feel like we could probably do a large scale co-op joint for
Hamlet 5: Multi-Media Interactive Exravaganza
Cthulu we just landed on the words
are you ready friends?
too bad, because here they come anyway
yippie kai ay little doggey, weve got a RODEO COWBOY
there is DUELLING going on
warpus, where is this cowboy duel taking place?
Warpus In the motherfucking ABANDONED METAVERSE
Cthulu you should be able to do something with that
Cthulu Im just going to have to assume that people saw the words, the
silence was deafening
Skrubly a technical question: in this abandoned metaverse, is this before
or after they added legs to the avatars?
because I heard that the legs were a really big deal to the five
people other than zuck
Cthulu I think the metaverse has been abandoned throughout its entire
existence, past present and future
so you can set it during a time when it had legs or when it didnt
kniffy its even online to actually go into as it were?
Cthulu I also heard that the recent legs demonstration was fudged, and
that legs are not currently part of the metaverse experience
maybe you can set it in a post apocalypse when legs are all that
remains of it!
per5iv4L it just so happens i am the proud owner of an abandoned metaverse
that features duelling disco cowboys. lots of source material and
im not even kidding
kniffy is it just an empty version of second life and/or vrchat
per5iv4L virtual tabletop rpg space western universe i assembled and never
ended up running
Cthulu Sounds like youre well positioned to win this blender then
t h e r e s u l t s
Cthulu OK friends, if you have been waiting for the last minute to send in
your entry... this is it. This is the last minute!
OK, the judges are now huddled in deliberation
ok, the judges are now reading skrublys story
OK. the judges have read skrublys story
OK, the judges have finished judging.
OK, the judges are tired of keeping you in suspense.
OK, the judges are going to announce the rankings.
Not a ton of entries, but some strong work and judging was
especially difficult
Mister Roboto usually won with a home run but sometimes games are
won by singles and doubles
were just out of the habit of doing so
Cthulu so Ill start with an honorable mention, no points but a big thumbs
up of appreciation for Show Down by Mihnoomah of PUP.
a piece with a long and convoluted history, that is difficult for
an ansi editor to decode... Nitron takes home 3rd place for Blur
nitron if any of the purists ask. i drew the FG, but genned the BG with
cmatrix from the CLI of my BBS. call it CLI2ANS
warpus The purists are so pure they usually stay away from blender
nitron my statement was more to shine a light on how i used my own
abandoned metaverse my bbs, not abandoned but hardly busy as an
active participant in the creation of the piece artistic context i
guess the FG is also a rip of an image in my abandoned RPG server
Cthulu Meta!
... That wasnt meant as a Facebook joke but Ill take it
Cthulu Warpus, tell us about 2nd place
warpus In second place we have a tie! Two great subs by Skrubly of PUP and
darkman almighty of Mist
Cthulu a story and an ansi, both great uses of the words
Skrubly, we were discussing the spelling and pronunciation of your
nickname backstage in the adjudication chambers
are you familiar with the crooner Michael Buble?
Scruble would be an excellently niche way to spell your handle that
would ensure that no one would ever accidentally pronounce it
Skrbly My handle used to have an umlaut so I think it was pronounced
Skroo-blee but most people pronounce it scrub. I think Buble-ifing
it would be perfect
warpus Back to you Cthulu to announce the winner
Cthulu OK, a dark horse entry swept in in literally the last minute to
take first place. and people say theres no suspense or excitement
in Blender, not so!
LDA of Mist gets to take a bow
I was thinking huh, LDA wasnt even in the IRC channel! but of
course he was lurking over the Discord bridge, well played
warpus A last minute twist reminiscent of the sixth sense
Cthulu So to reiterate, 1st place is LDA / Mist,
2nd tied between Skrubly / PUP and Darkman Almighty / Mist,
3rd Nitron / Blur. Also thanks to Mihnoomah / PUP and we should
get this pack out shortly!
See you around what, January 21st 2023?
Will do, Cthulu! Let me put it in my calendar now!
Next time well be sure to have the countdown ticker operational
and ... have ops in our own channel, needed to allow us to set the
Stay tuned for a spooky Mistigris pack due out later this week also!
Warpus, any announcements?
Warpus wants everyone to know he wants some latkes. If you have any
connections in the Toronto area, please hook him up
warpus I was finally able to take a shower
It was good
LDA I think the real winner here is warpus and his shower
warpus Damn right haha
Cthulu One of the Blender infofiles was most strongly informed by my using
my new bidet for the first time, so maybe every time we should
feature a different plumbing fixture
Skrubly Cthulu: Once you have a bidet, you realize that toilet paper is
for barbarians.
o n t h a t h a p p y n o t e ,
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, january 21st - sunday, january 22nd, 2023
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer