Blender 2021D infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
Blender 2021D infofile by Cthulu, Warpus & Hen
t h e e r
the blender metamixing
p r e - s h o w e r
CthMist all right all right.
Im going to see if I cant grab a shower in the 20 minutes before
we start.
that means however the chips fall, the next time we exchange
words, I might be just wearing a towel.
@warpus i took mine like an hour ago, i thought we were supposed to be
@spinsane i also have to shower + shave, i even though he has a head start
however my cats trying to get me to give him yogurt
@warpus sounds like your cat is trying to submit words already
@warpus we will be explaining the formalities of all this as soon as cthulu
is cleansed
@CthMist clean
@warpus welcome to the clean gang
CthMist mostly we deal with money laundering
CthMist OK, so its time!
Are you ready to blumble?
I said,
Warp, I dont think theyre ready.
* @larry69 foams at mouth
CthMist Larry is not just ready, hes overdue
k e e p i n g i t t o p i c a l
How did I manage to open both the last compo and this one with variations on
the same tired shart joke? That old cliche? Hopefully this doesnt become a
hallowed Blender tradition. It took some doing, but eventually we came up with
some worthwhile Blender words:
@spinsane ./msg warpus melfarr / fisting himself / bus bench
+melfarr that would be great
i could just literally do that and take a picture of myself
@CthMist I feel so sorry for the homeless people who sleep on that bench
I already did feel sorry for them, but this is really icing the
@warpus no homeless people sleep on that bench due to the mfs bench fisting
homeless sleeping prevention system
CthMist We dont have our words yet!
We have some
We are mulling over the list of word suggestions we have received
so if you think you might want to suggest topics and havent yet
done so please contact warpus or myself in, say, the next four
* CthMist turns over an egg timer
* TooCool watches the sand flow steady the the the four minute glass.
CthMist uh oh, its been four minutes
we might see a topic announced in, say, 3 minutes
+melfarr i might have my dick announced in, say, 3 minutes
CthMist I know I said 3 minutes but the deliberation continues for, say,
another three minutes, so as to provide the best topics possible
go cook another egg
or whatever mfs is serving for lunch there
did I say 3 minutes? lets try 4 more
you can all see yourselves growing older here
maybe I should plant some grass seed and you can watch it grow
while we debate the best possible words
@spinsane this is nothing more than some cruel nazi experiment at this
@warpus der blender
CthMist what does a benevolent nazi experiment look like?
@spinsane benevolent nazi experiment? great question. i assume it involves
vegetarian superfoods for german shepherds
dont look too closely into the resulting paperwork though
CthMist OK, are you ready now?
ready to Blumble?
I think we have our words
all right, here go the words:
from Transylvania.... he vants to sock your blawd, bleh-bleh bleh!
Warpus, whats the vamp doing?
@warpus he is doing what all vampires excel at, MIXING DRINKS
CthMist yes, the thirst-quenching activity for which all children of the
where is this activity taking place?
Dive, dive! Its in, or near, or somehow related to... a
Once again, for the latecomers or the easily distracted: the words
supercargo I dont know why, because submarine is the only matching term,
but this immediately made me think of the scene in Guy Maddins
Forbidden Room in which the sailors trapped in a submarine,
running out of air, realize they can survive if they suck the
bubbles out of their pancakes.
I guess vampire - sucking, and mixing drinks - consumables
- pancakes.
e x c u s e s , e x c u s e s . . .
@spinsane we will have to figure this out tomorrow - unfortunately i can
not do an accompanying lowrez, my wife just had me in for a sit
down and i have a checklist to follow tomorrow and blender is
something i was only able to sneak into the margins in a 3
pencil yes, 3!
@larry69 i didnt have enough time to do much of anything, too much
CthMist larry, dont want to leave the pumpkins unpatched. dont want
your jack o lanterns rooted
many gourds and squashes with zero day vulns these days
a n e w p r o b l e m . . .
@spinsane i feel like hes probably using a penispump ascii drawing tool
for mirc
that is not a joke
something from
@warpus if that ends up being the problem then thats amazing
@spinsane TooCool on @+mircart
im almost going to guarantee its the problem
CthMist OK, so how do I view an mircart file?
@warpus we are gong to have to get with the times and get the penispump
ascii format better supported for future blenders
@spinsane toocool am i on the right track with the mircart program use?
TooCool spinsane : Well, my other client is PumpSlut
g e t t o t h e p o i n t . . .
CthMist we have surveyed all of the submissions
and are almost prepared to announce the results!
@spinsane what gives you the bonafieds to judge our ansis?
@warpus i have just put on my announcement pants so we are ready
its our announcement pants pretty much
hand crafted by hennifer
CthMist Im in the pants too. the pants have three legs
and one of us pushes a leg out the z-flap intended for urinating
then for the next blender we turn it inside out and trade
Im using the british interpretation of pants here, ie underwear
@warpus theres all sorts of sick shit that happens behind the scenes at
@spinsane OO
@warpus hey, you asked
TooCool hahah
@spinsane congratulations on out spinsaning me
CthMist ok friends!
we have figured everything out
without further ado
lets announce the winners
@warpus lets
CthMist oh yes lets
many great submissions
@spinsane im staying quiet, damn you
CthMist since the words were so great
ok, ok
a couple of honorary mentions
I dont think that these will have points associated with them
but very interesting work and new frontiers tackled by spinsane
and toocool
@spinsane last place together brother!
TooCool YaY!
@spinsane suck it kniffy!
CthMist oh no, there are the ones who didnt place or get honorary mention
they are the real losers
if this compo was judged differently, spinsanes video jam might
take first place. its just on a whole other plane.
@spinsane only God can judge me
* @spinsane source awards moment
CthMist you wouldnt ask da vinci to draw a portrait of your dog
and I get the feeling thats kind of what were asking you to do
by bringing your medium to bear on blender topics
@warpus dead people cant draw so thatd be weird
CthMist what if you put the pen in their hand and move it yourself?
what if you use motion capture to record their living movements
and reproduce them using a plotter?
what if?
what if willy loman joined the fantastic four?
@warpus what if you segway this into announcing 3rd place
CthMist OK: in third place:
earning a point for Lazarus with his very neon depiction of night
life at the vampire bar in the submarine:
@spinsane FUCK THAT GUY
@warpus *applause*
CthMist I think warpus is applauding me for finally announcing it
OK warpus, now the challenge is on you to take a page to get
around to announcing second place
@warpus before I announce 2nd place let me tell you this story about a goat
my grandfather used to own back in Poland
CthMist this story is the GOAT
@warpus you could not find better goat milk anywhere in the entire
CthMist save the story for the infofile
@warpus but alright, I should get to announcing 2nd place
scoring some amount of points for Blocktronics, with a beautifully
composed ansi:
CthMist 2 points
but blocktronics actually also gets five points this time
because someone representing them also won first place!
the Teklord himself, Smooth, representing with some hand-drawn
@kniffy its all rigged!
@warpus we do use a rig to hold up Cthulu
and a set of pulleys
CthMist it helps with my truss
@warpus i dont know what a truss is, but thats probably for the best
CthMist okay, everyone!
thanks for taking part!
p o s t g a m e a n a l y s i s
All right, good Blenderizing, everyone! The word selection really did take
too long, but that could be ameliorated in future if people would suggest more
good words. Duh! Not just better words, but a higher quantity of quality
topics. I know, in this world, when do you get to choose both quantity AND
quality? But the Blender is uncompromising!
Congrats to our winners! Lazarus deftly skips past CiA in the rankings, while
Blocktronics springs forward several steps, edging in on Fires territory.
Meanwhile, Smooth joins the list of Blender participants as number one with a
bullet, as Mel Farr Suppastar finally surpasses Warpus once and for all in
total Blenders participated in!
The next Blender is officially in January, but the odds are pretty decent that
we may spring an impromptu one on you in Discord over the winter holidays.
Stay tuned!
b y e
if there ever is another blender, it will most likely be held:
if not sooner!
saturday, january 22nd - sunday, january 23rd, 2022
2:00pm - 2:00pm est
blender on EFnet
please join us. - hennifer
CthMist Im off to the showers again ... basically my entire Blender world
is a lot like a sauna pack ...