this is a true story, about platipus phreaker.. the best hacker in the
world errr... well, in his city.. well, his house actually..
and his cyber friends called him pp .. pronounced pee-pee
anyway, here is platipus phreaker:
burgr --- trendy burger king crown..
--- crossed eyes, due to hours
of hacking on the computer
our story begins..
pp woke up to the sound of his mom yelling at him. Chris! get your ass out of bed!@ its 3pm already! you missed breakfast and lunch.
pp got out of bed, wearing his stained AC/DC shirt, and his dirty old shorts.
all of his clothes were ripped up, and shredded like all elite hackers.
Using his elite hacking skills, he opened up his bedroom door, and walked to
the stairs. He walked down to the kitchen where his mom was standing.
Chris, i need some food from the goddamned supermarket, you get your lazy ass up there.. She handed him 10 dollars, and a piece of paper with a list of
--- 10 dollars --- groceries
pp took the money, and walked to his garage, and hopped on his elite pink and
white bike complete with bell, and honking thingy
It was his sisters old bike, and he made it /-rad by putting G.I. Joe
and Ninja Turtle stickers. he thought about putting some of his wAREZZ disks
on the bike, but was scared of the FBI finding his wAREZ
He started to ride towards the blendermart down the street.
this is the BLENDERmart billboard
pp arrved in front of the large blendermart, and leanded his bike against the
wall. He walked into the nice cool, air conditioned supermarket..
His first instinc as is always was to go to the electronics sections,
so he could go and drool over the 31337 computer stuff, for more wAREZ.
he walked to the electronics section, which was unoccupied by any people,
or even employees! He felt elite haxz0ring skillz run thr0ugh hiz b0dy..
az 31337n3zz b3g4n t0 k1ck 1n.. h3 f3lt th3 p0w3r of w4r3z surg3 thr0ough
h1s b0dy..he walked to the c0mput3rz, and dr00led over them for a good 30 mins
then he decided to take a walk around in the section, he came to the radios.
he look around to see if any one was around, no one was.
he f3lt the 3n3rgy rush thr0ugh h1m 4g41n .. h3 w4nt3d t0 h4ck s0m3th1ng..
a b0x in the c0rner was partially open..
he peeked inside of the box, and noticed it was an unassembled
radio! He decided to be a rebel, and hacker the blendermart..
he began to assemble the radio in the middle of the floor
since he was such a hackzer it only took him 2 minutes to
hacker the radio. He put the hacked radio back in the box
up up laughed to himself, and began to run out the store, just before
he got out, a large security guard stopped him, and asked him
to stand against the wall. Platipus Phreaker began to cry..
he stood up against the wall, and let the security guard frisk
him, the security gurad told him to get going. pp, scared,
crying, and thinking someone would arrest him for hackering..
got back on his elite bike, and rode home, as fast as he could.
He got home, and his mom yelled at him for not getting the
groceries, she grounded him from the computer for 2 weeks,
and after that near experience, platipus phreaker has since
turned from his hacking ways, and become an ansi doodle boy..
here is his latest ansi
--- platipus phreakers
newest ansi!
oh, shit, heh, i mean
--- end of file
Platipus Phreaker - story: mr. plastik ansis: mr. plastik
for blender ?? ..