Ambivalence. by Corinthian
Ambivalence. by Corinthian
Hacker assembling a stereo in a supermarket.
Hacking assembler a stuper in a sereo market.
Hacking assembler a stupor in a cereal market.
Cereal hacking with assembler in a stupor in a market.
I noticed stories win alot of Blenders. So I will give you the cream of all stories. Its one of those picto-stories too.
There once was a golden graham named Zachary. Zachary lived
with his friends inside a large geometrical cardboard thing. They called
it a box. Their box was in this big place. A market, if you
will. One day, Zachary jumped out of the
box and went exploring in the marketplace.
Zachary ran - up to a computer. kd1aI Zachary looks
at it and tries to hax0r it. But it was in Assembler
CMPTXFLAG,TXPRGS is transmission in progress
JNEACETXX no, exit
MOVAX,TXCNT get transmission count
CMPAX,0 anything to transmit
JZACECMPL no, transmission completed
DECTXCNT decrement count
MOVES,TXSEG load transmit buffer
MOVAL,ES:SI get character
OUTDX, AL transmit the characher
INCTXOFF update tx pointer
and he only knows GWBasic. 10 print you are stupid hahah
20 goto 10
30 run ????
Consequently, Zachary is left in a stupor.
Janitor Bob passes by, sees Zachary lying beside the
computer k , so Janitor Bob No relation to Bob the Janitor kd1aI
ate Zachary.
The End.
Corintihan of Dakr