theory: oranges in hawaii sing
proof by contradiction:
let us assume that oranges in hawaii do NOT sing.
let x reprsent the number of oranges in hawaii.
let y represent the number of bananas in hawaii.
it is a well known fact that bananas and oranges are the only two fruits
found in hawaii. therefore, x + y z
z representing the total number of fruits in hawaii.
from confirmed reports we know that the number of reported unexplained
singings every day is 15,625. we also know that 20 inhabitants of
hawaii can sing, and that 16 of the tourists can sing.
furthermore, it is a well known fact that 56 is 15,625.
also, 20 - 166 4,096
since 15,625 4096 therefore our assumption must be false.
therefore oranges in hawaii do in fact sing. bananas do not, i cut one
open and they dont even have vocal chords.
warpus the university of waterloo