.,yYYYYY .,a@SS@a,. ,a@SS@a,
4 P,db.
,db. l l
YP,d b.YP
YP,d b.4P
YP,dP 4b.4P
Y,dP 4b.4P
/ / team air ascii! schoolin you.
:..... : ........: biogen!
well, here we are presenting this little gig. so come on idulge yourelf.
thats right, load this up in you favorte viewer. after all, air is were its
at. this fine ascii presnted to you by: biOgenesis, aspyre, mafesto, and
aneurysm, and catch22 twisted.
let us explain.
wish you were a trout when you slap against the wall. to muh power?..
stand back, bendover of do what ever the hell it is you do. but..
b amazed.
/ end biogn.
early one morning, in the calm hawian islands, emanual goldstien powered up his aiplane, pre-
paring to dust his orange crops.
unfortunatly, poor mr. goldstien
was still rather hung over from
the night before, and poured the
wrong barrel of weed killer into
his airplane .....
he didnt notice thi small mis-
toxic take though, and he ook off in
stuff his airplane, and duted his
and so, emanuel flew off into
the sunrise, to dust his
orange crop.
aaaaa aaaa aaaaaaaa
l g g
.4P. P .,a@S@a,.
ba.7ssP.ad ,db. a@S@a,.
b 4P,db. YP.PY
4ii P,P,db. Y
YPYba ll d4 ii P
ba.4P,db. Yba. b. ll .
b 4 ii P
b ll .d
aaaaaaaaaaaa aaa ,db. aaaaaa ,db. aaaa
and so he dusted the crops with the wrong mixture, and went home ...he was
still hung-over from the night before, so he went straight to bed, ad the bar-
rel of chemicals that had fallen over went unnoticed.
there is no picture here... but if it makes you feel better, imagine one.
the next day he went out to inspect his crops, and found that something rather
strange had happened. his oranges had grown in size, but they had also grown
actual size. scary, isnt it?
ll ,db. ll ,db. ll
,di ii ib.
.l 4P ll 4P l.
Yi singing iP
lb. ,dl
he also discovered another ,aSn.
unusal thing about these a ,db. ,aSn.
mutant oranges. they loved , . ,db.
to sing. aa l g g l , . ,aSn
,aSn. l g g l ,d
,db. ,aSn4P ,
, . ,db7ss 4P l g g
l g g l , . ,aSn. 7ss
l g g l ,db. ,aSn.4
4,aSn. , . ,db.7ss
,db.4P l g g l, .
, . 7ss l g g l
l g g l 4P
7ss 4P
4P a a 7ss
the oranges sang to him all day. they sang phear impact and its amazing rel-
eases! and if that wasnt bad enough, they also sang air shall release thingsmore amazing than impacts!.
he could not stand for this outrage .. ansi groups? what was this world coming to??? so he pulled out his trusty axe and chopped down the singing trees.
and if he thought that the trees singing were strange, he had an even more shocking suprise when he opened the doors to where he kept his airplane and
found that it had grown a tiny bit as well.
.,5 5s,.
.,s, , , , , ,s,. ,. - + - ,,s,. - + - ., s,,ssm, . ,d :: b, . ,mss,,s
+asp . s,.:.,s .
wtf? a 747???
mafesto greets :: his girlfriend .. for putting up with him when he should have been talking to her and not drawing for blender. : and catch22, of course. :aneurysm greets :: everyone in impact, and phear the release!
biogen greets :: the basic boys
aspyre greets :: his mom
credits :: mafesto :: story, the ansi pics
biogen :: air ascii
aneurizm :: the oranges
aspyre :: the 747 ascii
thanks for reading this useless stuff