Lets go for a plain text thing. Released purely by myself for the hell of it
because I have *NOTHING* better to do with my time.
Blender 27: Oranges - Singing - Hawaii
Once upon a time in a far away mystical land and that land was populated
entirely by a race of Oranges. They loved their land and everything within
it but after a few years they became bored with a life and sun, sea and sand.
It was hard on them, their skins got redder and redder until they approached
the colour of their lifelong enemies on the next island - the cherries. The
elders of the Orange Council had a discussion and decided that it was
impossible to continue in these conditions, they were losing their fruity
identity! A decision was made to move abroad to a less harsh climate in an
attempt to return to their original colour.
The Flight Of The ...
tG:::. :::. :::. :::. :::. :::. :::. SRL
... To A Brave New World
The Council was unable to decide as to how to raise the money to move abroad
into a climate more suited to their skins. The infamous Orange Barbershop
Quartet also known as Gladys Knight and the Piths put forward a suggestion
- how about holding a concert for fruits from the neighbouring islands to
raise the money? The idea was snapped up at once and with that, the Council
started moving the wheels of entertainment in a bid to escape their prison
The Flight Of The ...
tG:::. :::. :::. :::. :::. :::. :::. SRL
... Oranges To A Brave New World
Melons, pineapples, coconuts, grapes, elderberries and even the hated
cherries came to the Barbershop Quartet concert. The little Oranges sang
their hearts out until they ran outta juice okay corny but what the hell.
Everyone was on their feet applauding such a brilliant performance. It was
incredible. After the concert, the Orange Council sat down and counted the
proceeds. They couldnt believe their luck. There was so much money that
every single Orange on the island could afford to fly economy class hey they
didnt earn that much to a new island of their choice. Once again, the
Council was unable to make a unanimous decision. Gladys Knight stepped in
and suggested a tropical island where the temperature was high but wouldnt
blemish them any further. How about ...
tG:::. :::. :::. :::. :::. :::. SRL
as our new home? she cried. The Council put the suggestion to all the
Oranges of the island, and with shouts of glee they all agreed. And with
that, everyone packed their skins and jumped on the plane to a new home and a
new life.
All fruits depicted in this story are ficticious, it is not intended as a
rousing text to inspire your fruit cupboard to rise in rebellion against your
harsh tyranny. All Oranges and members of the Piths and the Council are now
living in Hawaii under assumed names and completely new identities.
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