info by hen/warp
info by hen/warp
t h e
e r
the blender.
welcome one and all to yet another HENNIFER-
BRANDtM infofile.
with additions and changes by the eve
r so charming warpus the apache
g e n e r a l c
r a p
in the tradition of the very successful
joint and swaptM irc a
ctivities, comesa third, ultimate idea. y
es, if you can read ?! youve guessed by now..
THE BLENDER!!!!!!!!!
p r o c e d u r
e s
quickly! before time runs out, this how a
blendertM event will be run:
1 - everyone will gather in the
blender channel.
2 - at precisely 7:30pm EST a
nd warpus, and ONLY warpus
will be the judge of
when that is: warpus, the host of th
is event will explain how the blender
2 - each person will come up wit
h ONE idea. it can be in one of three
categories: thing ie. horse, acti
on ie. fishing, and place ie. wh
do not give us three ideas. we get re
ally mad when that
happens. also, do NOT try to talk to us as were
words. we will promptly ignore you :
3 - everyone will submit
their ONE idea to the organizer,
who will make a
list. this organizer currently is warpus
, but hennifer comes over to his
house to help out because hes such a nice guy.
4 - the organizer will rando
mly pick THREE of the ideas. th
ese ideas will
be relayed to everyone in blender.
5 - everyone goes off to draw.
hell, you could even write a poem lit guy
s , but the catch is that it has to b
e about the THREE ideas. all of them.
in our example then, everyon
e would create a masterpiece involving a h
fishing at the white house.
6 - after the alotted amount of
time 7:30pm - 10:00pm, everyone retu
rns and
hands in their work. it d
oesnt matter what form the work is, what board
or whatever its for, everything is collected.
7 - once thats done, the organi
zer picks the winner, slaps on an infofile
changes the last diz, and out comes the blen
dertm pack. right? WRONG!
a new feature to the blendertm
is the hall of fame. each weeks
is on that highly respected list, and that is also
where the group
standings appear. the group the artist of
the week is in gets a point,
and that is updated weekly as well.
8 - the pack is then put on
, where it can be downloaded by hordes
of eager blendeners, blender supporters, fans, fana
tics, and communists.
a d v a n t a g
e s
hopefully you get an idea of the fun involved here. bu
t along with that,
blendertM has numerous advantages
over the other irc events.
INFINITE PLAYERS - yes, this mea
ns never having to turn eager blendeners a
PREFAB INSPIRATION - for those of you tha
t cant think of anything to draw, here
other people will do most of the work
for you!
ORIGINALITY - finally something
other to draw than breasts just imagin
e a
pack with 20 different interpretations of a horse
matter how well you do, how silly or serious you
are, because you wont be messing up anyone
s work except
your own
EASY TO RUN - no messy file exch
anges + no hard-to-enforce rules a sm
running operation with no annoying delays
COOL ORGANIZERS - yes, finally a compo th
at is ran by really cool people.
w h o s b e h i n
d w h a t ? ! ?
people seem to be confused as to who does what during t
hese blenders. well...
hennifer is the one who thought of the blender
warpus is the one who runs blender
hennifer is the one who comes over the warpus
house and helps him run blender
rust, iceage, cheeze
and grind king are some of the
people who have also helped out but never did come t
o my house. thats because i live far, far away.
if i forgot anyone email me and ill include you next
i also have to give cheeze credit for com
ing up with the joint. AND running
it and the swap. we beware you cheez
e! :
m o r e g e n e r a
l c r a p
as i dont have irc, i have authorized miss warpus
to run this event. she can
pick whoever she likes to help her, and hopefully i can
get internet soon and
join in on the fun, JUST LIKE YOU SHOULD!!!!!
the 15th blendertM will be held:
sunday, march 2nd
7:30pm - 10:00pm est
please join us. - hennifer