The flying Snowman
there was a snowman. a white snowman
poor old snowman, an orange carrot as a nose.
all his ex girlfriends were prolly hoes ..
l yet .. this snowman .. was magical of a sort
he would fly, fly through the sky.
stop nowhere to rest, nowhere to port.
would you want to be the snowman? would it be a pain?
e n to fly through the sky.. melting ..
being described as rain.
is this snowman real, for we shall never know.
yet, people always know the story.
d and yes, they believe it. shall i go with the flow?
e -- -
so, i pray for him every night.. my snowman in this lit. a shout out to everyone at blender
just letting ya know, i cant write poetry for shit.
literature and blender logo by massmice