The Revolution by Rare Delusion
The Revolution by Rare Delusion
- and a curious shadow began to fall over downtown washington DC........
Hours Worked on 2+ -- finished 01/10/96 -- drawn by rare delusion of blind!
- are you ready for the revolution?
t h e r e v o l u t i o n
blind - worldheadquarters
ops - inferno -- hellraiser -- darkevil
o-14 dayz -- 1.6 gigs of hot software
the numba - 4o3489-5o6i 28.8 top speed
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- This garbage pic will be all in terms of pics this month from me..
Im lucky i actually got off my lazy ass to do it, the revolution font
is the only one ive ever thought up of on my own : I actually felt
the rush of creation, twas great.. Anyways i wanna greet everbody in
blind, lordofillusions, kirin, darkevil, and, elmo, toxic waste, tonic,
fiend, and those are all the people i know and/or remembered to greet.-out