info file bitch!? by blind studios
info file bitch!? by blind studios
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blind vision 2 information file written by: loi and rd!
Well here i am, stuck writing the info file, becasue
nobody else wants to.. Ive never written one before
so i have no idea what to say.. Well blind had an
unoffical release in february, and i heard it wasnt to
nice looking I But this pak is the blind march super-
pak.. A combination of the GOOD work from the dead feb
pak.. And some new stuff. Blind got a lot of criticism
and a little bif of flaming over the feb pak.. But since
it was totall trash, nobody real cares.. Ive been told
that this pak is supposed to be really good, but ive
been lied to before.. Anyways, like many other people
this will be my last month releasing with blind, because
LOI is moving on, and i tag along with loi everyplace..
I was with the blind premier as Stalker, but have chang-
ed my nick to rare delusion, if anybody wants to know..
I just got IRC like 8 days ago, so i dont know whats
been happening with blind before then.. Besides the
phone call to lordofillusions once in awhile. Well,
if you wanna contact me for an ansi or whatever, look
for me in blind or /msg rared or email to outty...
-rare delusion
new members :
we have had a lot of new members this month, but a lot of quit. Some of our newquality members is, lump a wicked pic artists local to me were glad hes here inblind. well this pack is due to be released so ill just list all our new and
very talanted artists, mirror man, negative creep, pantera, blood, kabuki, eruptnapalm death, grampa-e, mirror man, blatz, eternal brawley, xacid, little nemo,
intensity, death talon, scum, fatslayer, the master, miah.
name changes :
two people have also changed there names this month, stalker changed his too
rare delusion, and lsd changed his name to euroboy. Both were due to the large
amount of alias of stalker/lsd.
place to get packs :
whq the revolution 403-489-5061
ftp /pub/demos/incoming/ansi
ftp /othersupport/blind
web coming soon
- lord of illusions