ask and ye shall receive... at least from a nice guy like me
ya gots to make moves never ever ever ever fake moves
wicked minority
tna: please please remix that font i would really like to see it...
that goes for everyone else too... with any of my ansis... id love to
see someone correct my mistakes. maybe ill just remix my own ansis in a
few months but id rather seen it done by others.
wicked minority pimp: you need to practice requesting ansi... it takes lots
of time and practice to get good at. its almost as hard as drawing the ansi yourself, but often more visually rewarding through the dynamic ansi one
can collect.
avg: thanks for liking my fonts dude... i needed the incouragement
all: fear the ways i will use minimalism in the future. the best comic rips of
all time in my opinion are maestros because of the minimalistic yet
aesthetically pleasing style. we often associate the errors of the old
with over shading and even over detailing, yet are afraid to advance it
mae: draw or i will kick your silly djing, top40 liking ass.