I live, therefor I draw!
to the first artpack, in hopefully many, brought to you by
bleu. this seems to be a pack well anticipated by quite a
few people, so i am trying to go as fast as i can. bleu was
founded almost exactly a month ago, maybe a little less, by
dr. shizuma after both of us had decided to leave epic.
many have wittnessed the bleu/epic battle, or probably moreso
the sod, maytag battle. as for my problems with epic, they
are pretty visible from the name epic. epic as a group has
an attitude more appropriate for the early 90s, rather than
the early 00s. i felt that epic wasnt progressive enough
and was much too serious. poop. so bleu was formed as a
progressive, fun group. we plan on having as much group
participation activities as possible. so far we have only
done one, the memberlist, which was a sort of test. it went
very nicely and everyone did a great job, adding their own
personality to the listings. stay tuned for more group projects,
some good ansi, some great toons, and maybe even a dash of
good oldfashioned ANSiMATiON! maybe we will even release a
music disk seeing as all epic members were too lazy to
contribute. tisk tisk.
changes obviosly take place within the first month of a group,
and we were no exception to the rule. two of the earlist bleu
members, milkmang and bizzarro seem to have both moved on. this
however is not definate in either case as neither person has
said i quit. if you wish to do so email me please. other
early members included propane, ansichrist and tarot who are all
still current members : shizuma signed double 0 and haji up as
ascii artists. late in the month lagomorph joined followed by
former echo buddies of mine, da drug and watOr. welcome to camp
bleu, scouts :D
elcome back watOr! sounds like a tv show
many of you thought that the great toon legend might have
given up on ansi, gone out to see or even evaporated but
back to prove he still exists is great one not wayne gretzky
for the past few years wO has been my hero and inspiration
in the scene. welcome back friend, have a good time :
forever in your shadow...
this month include spearfx, cryogenic and as special
guest member mochunk who many of you know of as troll.
big thanks guys... it really helps. also a big thank you
to milkmang for his lovely bleu font at the top of this
bleu is easy, just mail maytagman69@phatchicks.com or come
on efnet and chat in either bleu or ansisex. to make sure
we all stay in contact a mailing list has been made and has
been sent out twice so far. bizzarro: next time get yer own
email address right as far as i know everyone got their
emails except one person whos name was just mentioned above.
i am looking for an anonymous ftp account for bleu so that
we can make it possible for everyone to see everyone elses
work and make submitting easier. if you have or know where
we could get such a site for free.95 please contact me.
also if you would like to host our site do the same :
hopefully our webpage will be all done in ansi as a group
lah blah,
etc etc. maytag man signing out... good bye and may god
maytag man / bleu
hizuma speaking,
man, its been quite a crazy last month for me, i had a trip to quebec and i got the flu. so i appoligize for my lack of involvment
and ansi with bleu. maytag man has done a good job with getting
everything together, and hiring people for our ANTI-EPIC ARMY : .
the delay has been awfull, and i feel as if im to blame here, as i had set the pack for january 1st, which was way too early for a new
group. not to worry though, i plan to get out packs monthly, without
those troublesome is that group dead? delays. if you want to join
a fun group, with no hassles, and 2 co-ordinators who have literally
both been to a mental institution join bleu. hey, some people in
ans have even predicted well last a whole FIVE PACKS!
peace out.
doctor shizuma / bleu