lordjazzISking by Corey
lordjazzISking by Corey
l n
crblend e d 1996
Ok, maybe
Im notas good
as ld! or 33, but cr!
Im original.
nysseONohi voiPASKA
hoohoohoo coreyblend!!?!
my mother was a witch..
stealing colors blaabaalaa
from ld! -96
Abbey , Opped by Fireknight , Open sometimes etcetc
do i give a fuck.. !? no. .. i lost
the number too . .so i fucking cant call
laalalaa. there. ..damndamnmdan.. something.
greetz: tarot, charon, bad, conrad, faucheur, mendator, abnormal, tosh10, grr,
i forgot the rest : .. spiritseeker, rex, err.. fucking if you know me you
know i wanted to greet you : OK!? .. thanx and stuff.. lordjazzISking :