black sunshine by tus
black sunshine by tus
o---- ----4 ----
my god, an ascii in an ansi!?
/. ..: prese
black sunshine. sop: Defective. running obv
ld! - hey man. did you bleach your hair yet?g
Lord Strahd - good luck with cancer bro. hope it wor
ks as well as kgb!
dos - a ripper groop, Im sorry I started :
iCE - no matter what anyone says. yer still the kraddest of them a
ll g
dosage - fuckin a, thanks for lettin me use your inet account. I o
we you!
this has been a 99.984523 original ansi did the math on a
pentium by TUS of
bleach and shiver. if you would like to get an ansi from me,
find me on a mud,
irc on ansi, email me at, or on my board, DOG, in 6
19. um..
I wanna take a brief moment to give a shout out to an old bud
dy of mine, from
619. hes been in the scene a long mutha fuckin time, deserve
s some respect.
Aventari, bro, keep yer board up and shit. it rocks, always has, alway
s will.
other then that, yer all free to look at the next ansi in this fuckin
pack. haz
-tus shiver,bleach
b l e a c h i n 1
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