the edge!? - volume 2, issue 6! by staff
the edge!? - volume 2, issue 6! by staff
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- the edge - the blade informational texfile - volu
me 2 , issue 6
1 well folks, here we are again.. a
nd beleive it or not, were actually bac
k on schedule! weEEooO .. anyways, w
ere once again releasing on the 3rd
or thereabouts of each month, rather than t
he dreaded 15th... this mont
h has been pretty kind to us here at b
lade, and weve picked up a few new
members to help get this group back up on its feet.
2? in new members this month, mo
use, former founder i think of the group
named orbit has decided to join us as a vga artist. his sk
ills are
showcased in the only two vgas this month, both jpgs a
first for blade
productions... also joining this month comes a guy who i
ve known for
a while, and although it would seem he is per
fect for this group judging
by his handle, hes never before been in blad
e productions... the guy
im talking about was once a member of ice, a
nd he joins blade as the
newest addition to our esteemed senior staff.
. welcome blade yep, thats
his handle to the group...
3! innnnnn departures this month, we
lose one of our long time members and
senior staffers to the infamous spastic...
shadowhand leaves to try out
his hand as a staffer in that oh so crazy gro
up...hmmm.. anyone else?
nah, i dont think so...
5@ well folks, i think thats about i
t.. i felt like getting this pak out
today so i just whipped this info file up in a matter of
10 minutes or
so... this pak is definitly better than last months, and a
t least shows
that we probably wont die anytime soon.. look for the qua
lity to gain
more and more over the next coming months..
and dont forget to check
out the blade home page at http://www.e .. also
be on the lookout for blade, who wi
ll be hanging out on the internet as
our official internet hanger-boy... anyways
, take it easy folks.. peace.
-@!the edge is published monthly as an in
formation text on blade productions