BL/DE 94 Presents - The Edge: The Official B
lade Information File.
This is the Blade Info File. A monthly publi
cation from Blade Productions.
This file outlines the past months happenings of Blade.
This text is written by MindCrime, Blade founder and pr
esident. If there
are any spelling or grammatical errors within this text, please
that MC is only human, as are most other people. Blade
is a group much like
that of iCE or ACiD At least, we like to think so which relea
ses a monthly
pak of the prior months work Or something like that. B
lade paks are released on the first of each month They
can be found at any one of our lovely
distribution sites. If you wish to contact Blade in any way, p
call Eternal Insanity @ 908.224.8780 All blade members can be
on Ei. If you like the work of Blade, let us know.
Leave a message to
MindCrime at his lame ass internet address............MCBLADE@
or call up Eternal Insanity . Enjoy the pack.
1 In recent member news, Shadow Master has dec
ided to take this summer off
to work on his programming. He has never released any proggy
s for Blade,
but we hope hell get his ass working after his break.
2 New members this month : Tron Powerhouse joi
ns us after bailing from iCE
Lit division. He wasnt happy with iCEs outlook on Literatur
e, so we
welcome him as a great addition to our lit department. In the
art dept.,
we pick up two members from the late MAD, Lupin and
Cianyde. The art of
these two will bring great additions to the Blade Member list
. Also from
MAD comes Haze as our new member recruiter.
3 Once again I feel I must tell you that Blade is NOT
accepting anymore
distribution sites withing the united states. I often wonder
how many
times I need to say this before you people get it through you
r thick
4 Handle changes... Only one this month, thank god .
.. Grafx has changed
his handle to Zephyrus and has changed his board name
as well, to
Ultraviolet Dreams.
5 New sites this month. The Canadian HQ has been chang
ed to Warner Studios,
and Wild Child has been added to the site list. Also, new mem
ber boards
include State of Euphoria, Epic, Equinox, and Phreak of Reali
6 Well..That about wraps up this months happenings.. S
ome turbulation was
met in coordinating some of the members, especially some of t
he original
members, but I would like to ad that with his new position, P
Solution has done a wonderful job as Courier Coordinator and
Head Coor.
I just now June 30th, 10pm, 2 hours before pack time receiv
ed all of
Zephyruss work, but it was well worth the wait, good job to
Welll.. Hope you ansi freakz enjoy the pak, alot of hard work
went into
it to make it the best pak yet.
7 Continuing in Fluxs literature Pick of the month,
this months pik is
2-PASOL.PIK. Enjoy some modern literature along with all of
this months
Blade literature, which is made up of some of the finest writ
ers in the
scene today.
Group Greets --
CiA Gettin better every month, cant wait to see this months
Vi/Numb Hope you guys pull through the mess, I would hat
e to see ya die
Manifest Pak this month? eh? Ehe. Cant wait to check it
Dope Ya begged for a greet, so here it is
Personal Greets --
Napalm Get with it assboy .. Gimme some codez damnit
Soul Seeker When ya leavin!?! ehe.. Have fun
Shadow Master When are YOU leavin?!! ehe.. Have fun
Mystic Plague When are YOU leavin!?! ehe.. Have fun
White Noise We good, now? ehe.. Thanks for FFi, yer welc
ome for the site
Kool Dude! Call Ei, ill hook ya up with that site!
Hooptie OBV-EDiT rockz.. Its even Coolage
Eternal Lie EE looks AWESOME! Keep it up..
Morpheus Fuck man, I forgot about those screens for the
appgen, this weekend!
Enough of that, l//2 folks. ..
Blade 1994! All this and cream filling too.