bloodline #1 by rabid doctor
bloodline #1 by rabid doctor
a welcome to the first issue of
bloodline ezine. we do
a. !a. literature on almost any subject th
at can be halfwayba.. a
cool. i chose the name bloodline bec
ause one, soundedl !aa. .a l
ike a cool name and the word to me means we tight -o
!..a like bloodbrothers were n
ot gonna break apart. alwayso .aa!
remain as one. a unit. friends above all.
d .a!a.
l .! .a a big thank you to toons xil
ion for making me the filei .a! .a
diz. now all i need is a logo and as i told you dude
n a. ..a id actually pay you fo
r some more because i do otherse a..aa!
requests better than i do my own. :
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ing me mail at !. !. rabid.doct and you can also reach me1
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ight five - eight oh nine one.
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6 .aa. credits this whole z
ine right now put together by me .a! !
and only me. please feel free to submit anything cool.
bloodline 1 - customers suck:
I work as a cashier and it pisses me off at the dumb things
that o/ some people will do. The
customer always comes and complains and
complains because they know theyre always rig
ht, when in fact most
of the time theyre wrong... and they know it
. Well, this time I am
gonna air my complaints.
First off is this
dumb lady the other day. She buys all this stuff an
d I ring it all up and then it takes her a fucking half hour t
osort through her purse to find the darn credit card. Couldnt s
he have gotten itready while I was scanning her stupid items thr
ough?! I mean, she wasnt doinganything anyway. She could have
speeded things up by putting stuff on top of thecounter, but in
stead she stood there looking like an idiot. Now, I have to wai
ta half hour for you to find your credit card?! So, when this la
dy finally foundthe stupid credit card she put it in her mouth
in order to fix
her purse. What the heck is this now?! It takes a half hour to
find it and now it takes another half hour to fix your purse?!
Why fix your purse when youre just gonna mess it up again
you gotta put the credit card back in. So, she hands me
the credit card all
wet and slimy fresh out of her mouth and I o
am wiping my hands off on my
apron right in front of her. That w
as disguisting. A dogs tongue I dont mind, but
this ladys tongue I dont know where its been. : Hehe.
So, to get her back when she wasnt look
ing I spit on her
receipt. She deserved it. Her receipt was wet, but she didnt even
say anything.I could see through it, and usually would laugh, bu
t was too mad to laugh.
Next up I wanna yell at these stupid people who always tell me
the same fuckingjokes, but only theyre not jokes anymore. They
re fucking annoying. Some of thepeople even tell me the same jo
kes over and over. Stop it. Get a life and a cluebecause youre
not the least bit funny. You dont have one funny bone in you
rbody and if you did Id beat you with the lid of my baseball ba
t and break it.You come to buy one little item for like two do
llars and say, this is your bigsale of the day or the big pu
rchase of the day, heh?. Well, that is sooo old. It isnt t
he big purchase of the day, so fuckoff.
o Know what e
lse I get pissed off at?! Idle chatter. When I talk
to a pretty lady in my line thats a different story, but
some male jerk comes up
and says how are you today?,
I just wanna say great now that your stinky butt i
here. why dont you
just hangout all day at work with
me and you can act stup
id. we could pretend its one of those sleepovers a
nd well style each others hair andmy momll make us some popco
rn and well play the game mall madness. that wouldbe cool... n
ot., or maybe one night Ill invite him to a campout. Well
sitaround and tell stupid jokes and overused lines by the campf
ire, again... not. Ithink we should just make a human smore out
of you and feed you to the wild
bears and other animals out there.
I have my likes and dislikes about being in the express line a
t work. On one hand it is faster transact
ions with the customer, meaning less contact,
but that is not always the case. Here I stand with this red light
above my head that says CASH ONLY! on it, and I am nice enough to
take credit card too, but tha
ts not enough for you, Mr. Customer,
you wanna press my pati
ence and the people in line behind you. Can
I take check?! Does it
fucking look like I take a check. Thats the
whole idea behind the word express. Speed. Fast. Get the fuck out of my
line infive seconds. But here you wanna give me a check that t
akes time to write, andthen I gotta get drivers liscense numbe
r and check addresses and phone numbers.Know how I evade the wh
ole thing? I tell them we dont accept checks in express li
ne. I dont care if you waited fifteen minutes in my line and th
all the other lines are a mile long. It was your stupid f
ault in the first
place that got you into this mess.
Ok, thats all
for this issue of bloodline. Watch for issue 2 that
should be out so
metime soon. Disco on all. - Rabid.
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