CaTs : X-men cut by coeffey
CaTs : X-men cut by coeffey
Coeffey of BdP presents : X-Men
A CaTsComical ansidrawing To strip in order of BdP
Tha ansicomic by Coeffey ! Story by Ralpmacchio !
Straight from tha comic !
At a resently distroyed poolroom I was together with that Cajun
at New Salem , where the X-Men and Beastshooting some pool.
Wolverine surches thro the dirt When wesuddently wasattackt
by thosemutanthaters
There is something very strange
here and im not leaving until And later onwe saw ourselfs
i know what ! on TV. It was filmed like it
seemed that we where the
Thats why i think it was a trap
AnDi am nomans patse
Wolverine from the side Wolverine looked at from above
This is something to take a And this little man will be
bether look at , it even has there to hear them
an adress !
Those mutanthaters have to
answer some questions !
Wolverines face in close up ! Wolverine in tha shadow !
The X-men Adventures are to be continued