Bitchin ANSi Design
Information File
itchin ANSi Design brings you the November ANSi pack. This month
was pretty good in the recruiting department. We first gained Mr.
Sinister as an ANSi artist. He used to be in many groups so Im not
about to list them since I cant remember them all. He has his
first BIG ANSi in this pack and its quite impressive and for my
board! . There is also another new member, RaVe, who joined as
both a VGA and ANSi artist, but plans on doing more VGA than ANSi. Hes from
Germany and is virtually new to this whole group thing, but his style is
amazing so check him out. Hes got a few GIFs and a few ANSis in the pack.
We also welcome Dreadnought No, not the Assault one for the fifteen millionth
time! Hes ANOTHER one... as a full coder. Hes been doing some work for BAD
without being a member but is now a real member so we can boss him around a
lot. Theres also a minor change and Sir Psycho Sexy will be doing VGAs in
addition to his ANSi.
I think it is important to address the whole site listing deal. Ive
eliminated a few Headquarters due to inactivity and going down. I also havent
heard from The Black Gate and Avatar in a while since I can never connect to
his board anymore -- somebody let me know if its still around. The USHQ spot
was taken by Corrosive Poison about five minutes after the pack went out, so a
yo goes out to the best art board around. The distribution sites have been cut
back considerably, so now would be an excellent time to apply hint, hint.
But the guidelines for the apps goes kinda like this: 1 Rename BADDIST.APP to
ACN-DIST.APP where ACN is your area code 2 ZIP the application up with a stat
screen or ANSi screen 3 Upload the application to the WHQ and only the WHQ 4
Do not bug me about the sites, your board will be called and I will let you
know if you are in fact a site. There will probably be no more sites excepted
after the end of this month unless, of course, a REAL good board pops up so
get your applications in soon.
BAD has still NOT gotten a VMB. Were willing to trade an ANSi for a box if
youve got one. Just let us know what you need: a group ad, a board ad, or
something else.
Since we now have a VGA division of BAD, wed like to have a few more very
talented VGA artists. We also have a deficiency of couriers I guess someone
saying that theyll courier to the whole Northeastern US is too good to be true
so were looking for people there, too. In fact, were still looking for
everything, so if youve got some talent, apply and well get right back to
Well be putting our packs up on the popular ftp site whenever we
can and as soon as possible. Currently, the directory that youd find it in
would be .../incoming/demos.
Thats about thats happened this month. If you want to contact any of the BAD
members, get on the WHQ and you can leave E-Mail there. Hope you enjoy the
pack. laTeR...
Black Knight BAD Senior
Greets go out to:
RaVe Welcome !?
Mr. Sinister Its there, Beavis.
Dreadnought Its about time you joined.
Jabberwocky Cant wait to see that next issue of PSY.
Israfel Ditto
Midnight Sorrow Can I get that BAD base?
FusioN BAD base can I get?
Maestro I finally got the November pack -
and I didnt know it for a week!
Greets also go out to all these groups.
GOTHiC ATOMiC Psychosis
If I mispelled/miscapped any of these, let me know!