Information File25
B i t c h i n A n s i D e s i g n
I n f o r m a t i o n F i l e
This month, Bitchin ANSi Design brings you their best pack in two months,
making it infinitely better than last months pack. Admittedly, its being
released a little bit later than hoped, but its here and it kicks ass. Now,
on to the news of the past couple months.
In answer to the letters weve received from our many fans, no, BAD is not
dead, we just didnt put out a pack last month. However, weve combined the
artwork and effort of two months into one, so this pack should be quite
satisfactory. In addition, we may skip another month sometime in the future,
so if this occurs, have no fear, BAD is still here.
We have a few unfortunate departures this month so we big them a fair
farewell. First of all, Basehead leaves us to work for Gothic, creating music
for them including a new musicdisk project that hes working on. In addition,
Dreadnought leaves us to devote his time better on schoolwork and other
activities. Well still be using his code as a base for the viewer and
application generator so still report any bugs or comments on it to us. Both
of these previous members have been moved to the newly created Special Members
section of our Member Listing for their continued support and help. Along
with them, Persecutor and Squirrel move with them into the Special Members
section for their long-time status with BAD.
To counteract this unfortunate turn of events, BAD has gained several new
members. Our first new member is SleepWalker who has become a courier for
BAD. Along with him comes Hell Raiser, an ANSi artist who specializes in
fonts. We also gain Stone Angel and Neurotic as couriers. We welcome them
all aboard as full-fledged members .. of the Hollis Crew. Heh, heh,
heheh... of BAD.
Bitchin ANSi Design will moan a sigh of relief when, from the bowels of our
members, FLATULENCE explodes onto the scene next month, wiping out all other
file description creators. Stay tuned.
Fortunately, BAD has been able to place a stable foot onto the InterNet, so
for everybody whos anybody, you can reach many members there as well as
obtain all the packs from various FTP sites. On IRC, BAD members will always
be available on both iCE and BAD. All the BAD packs are currently located
on in the /pub/msdos/demos/ansi directory so look their for
any further information on that.
Thats about all weve got to say this month. Hope you enjoy the pack, and
watch out for FLATULENCE, itll knock you off your seat. laTeR...
Black Knight BAD Senior Member
Number Cruncher BAD ANSi Artist
SleepNigger : Ill trust you on this one, bud.
Hell Raiser : Think youll be able to keep up this one ANSi every day thing?
Soul Rebel : If only I knew what the hell your board name meant!
Shihear : Yes, its finally out. Now you can quit bugging me.
Basehead : Cant wait to see some more of your stuff.
RNDServ : ThanX for the packs, guy.
T.D. Half : Send us some more of your lit, well ANSiFi it for ya.
Cavalier : You are the most 3133t3 /-rAd d00d i know!
Dr. Death : 3133t0 Burrito
Dreadnought : Yeah, the Assault one.
SuddenDeath : Hope to see that DiE pack out soon, bud.
Flick : Ditto, but we actually have a discussion going now.
SyntaxError : ThanX for the account, but I got my own now legit or not.
ZK! : I have no clue what you REAL handle is, but ZK is cool enough.
Thredony : Hope you like how I did the lit.