Information File25
Bitchin ANSi Design Presents
The First Anniversary Pack
January 1994
Information File
anniversary, an-ni-versa-ri, n. A day on which some event is
annually celebrated.
This month, BAD celebrates its accomplishment of creating and
publicly distributing ANSi for one full year. After a year
of hard work, we have remained alive, an achievement in
itself, not to mention becoming a group known worldwide for
consistently high- quality artwork. We are extremely proud
of what we have become and are happy to bring you this, our
first anniversary pack, expecting to bring you another one a
year from now.
This month has been more than busy. Weve been producing out
our ass to bring you something that all of BAD is proud of.
In addition to working hard, we also gained two new artists,
KORG and our old friend Hurricane. KORG came to us in the
middle of the month with excellent skills and a totally new
look. I think youll like what hell be kicking out.
Hurricane, as you may remember, left the group last month and
is now back with us with even more incredible ANSis than
before. Also, due to a confliction my lack of brain
molecules, I think, we didnt include all of Hurricanes
ANSis last month, so get BACK into the holiday spirit with
them. We also have an addition in our literature department
okay, okay, hes our first addition - good place to start,
eh?. Fornaxis has joined us, so we hope to be presenting
some of his stuff next month.
In other news, we have a couple new headquarters. We welcome
Cloud Nine BBS as our Australian HQ. Sudden Death of DiE
will help spread our packs all over Australia, so that will
definitely get us some more business. Another is our new
Western HQ, Channel Zer0. It took us forever to talk Beastie
into being it, but he finally obliged. Our new Central HQ
is Park Central. Its a great board and should help us out a
lot. You can always grab BADs latest packs from our HQs.
Now, Id like to do a little history. Yes, I dived into the
history books and will now present you with whats happened
in BAD this last year. Ive conveniently tabbed it so that
people who dont give a fuck or may start giving one in a
few minutes can skip it without missing too much. Its more
of a member listing and major event thing since having
everything in there would make this info file real big...
like its not already.
BAD jumped into the scene this month. We were presented
with our first members, Black Knight, Section 8,
Persecutor, Number Cruncher, and Squirrel. It wasnt a
great pack by todays standards, but it showed what BAD
could do and gave us a start and a foothold.
Retaining the same members, BAD created a pack that was
much better than the last months. We started to see
where each persons talent was going and actually were
proud of what we had created. In addition, this month we
announced how we would merge with CAA and become DESPAiR.
Of course, it eventually flopped, but it showed how the
interest in BAD had grown over just one month. We also
presented our first loaders, showing that we also had
talent in coding and music.
After skipping a pack for March due to absolutely no
ANSi, we prolonged the release of the pack to April.
This pack was the first pack where we had a considerable
amount of large ANSis with pictures. Squirrel and
Section 8s LAB ANSi dominated the pack with the first of
many amazing ANSis from the group. The ANSi from the
duo didnt impress only BAD, however...
This was definitely the lowest of the lows that BAD had
ever achieved. After a month of losing the majority of
our members, Black Knight and Number Cruncher were the
only active members left in the group. Squirrel and
Section 8 had been recruited to iCE where they continued
their high-quality ANSi creations. Persecutor, who had
fallen off a cliff as far as we knew, also had nothing
for the pack. However, the ANSis that were displayed in
the pack were definitely much better than the majority of
ANSis that BAD had displayed before.
This month, BAD displayed what we were proud to display.
Although the group still consisted of just Number
Cruncher and Black Knight, we displayed our skills at a
loader that was high above what we had done in February.
This was the month where everything happened. After our
last pack, we had a mass of people come up to us and we
more than quadrupled our membership. We gained back
Section 8 and Squirrel, our merge with EViL brought us
Color Blind, Sir Psycho Sexy and LiQUiD, our merge with
SoLo brought us Zodiac, and we also gained Basehead, our
first musician. Also during this month, we almost went
through with merging with CHAOS-CT, creating the new
group Assault. That fell through, however.
The pack wasnt as great as the previous month and was
pretty boring.
This month, BAD finally produced its viewer that it had
been promising since January. The pack was a step above
the last month, but wasnt all that special.
The gaining of members at BAD for the month of November
was quite nice. We recruited Mr. Sinister, RaVe, and
Dreadnought, all showing great productions in the pack.
The pack went up in size because of the newly created VGA
We gained some more members this month, Hurricane, 3-D,
and Village Idiot. However, at the end of the month, we
had lost as many as we had gained, Mr. Sinister, Hurricane, and Village
Idiot. The pack was rather small, but the quality of it was one of the
highest in BAD history.
And that brings us to the present. Ive already introduced our new members for
this month, and Im sure that people are beginning to think that this is worse
than a PD documentation file, but were almost done.
After looking through the pack, Ill expect more than one person to exclaim,
What the hell!?! Yes, we have a vast array of zombies this month, due to
this being for BAD, at least OFFICIAL ZOMBIE MONTH. Thanks to me for
starting the trend, we now have more than six zombies in the pack - more than
any pack should have! Im sure there will be some stragglers into next month,
too, so dont hold your breath.
BAD has decided that we will no longer be accepting Distribution Sites. We
dont have the couriers to do so. We will keep our eyes out for great boards,
but I dont want any applications sent to the WHQ anymore - a reason why the
new application generator doesnt have that option anymore.
If you like what you see in the pack and your ability comes close to matching
that of the rest of the group, wed like to invite you to apply to the group.
Go ahead, it wont cost you anything to at least try it.
Id like to personally say that this is the best of BAD - deserving of an
anniversary pack. We have all of our original members back in BAD with the
addition of several others, all of whom have increased their skills
considerably. I thought it was important to come out with something that
showed how important it was, so I pushed everyone to do a lot of great stuff,
and it obviously shows. After seeing several huge, but unimpressive
anniversary packs, I thought to start a new trend and actually come out with a
nice looking anniversary pack. I think youll be impressed by what BAD has
become, I think youll be excited by what may happen to us, and I also hope
that you cry... uh... huh huh... Anyway, enough of that shit. Im sure
youre sick of reading, so heres where I put my sig and my address and then a
whole shit-load of greets yes, it will be a shit-load. laTeR...
Black Knight
A Proud Bitchin ANSi Design Senior Member
Basehead - See you in... THE FUTURE! Say it like Doc on Back to the Future,
of course
Beastie - Hope it wasnt TOO short notice. At least its better than what I
did to Jabberwocky.
Black Knight - Err.. I guess its not cool to greet yourself, eh?
Color Blind - Well call you sometime this century.
Dreadnought - I bow down to your slackness... Which one?
Dreadnought - Cant wait to see it. YOU decide.
Flat Line - We need to talk.
FusioN - Im out of it. I miss ToXiC... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Hurricane - I cant wait to see some more holiday stuff.
Israfel - The first headquarters. See what youve done!?!?
Jabberwocky - Got any idea of a release date for PSY?
Kronos - Id try multi-line chatting you again, but the last time I tried, I
hung CP. shrug
LiQUiD - You have the makings of the best, my man.
Maestro - Send me some E-Mail.
Melic - Uh... huh huh... Yeah.
Midnight Sorrow - Greeted you in one of our first packs. Was kinda stupid.
Thought Id do it again.
Niobium - Have you ever started something and actually finished it?
Number Cruncher - Or should I say Scrappy... I suppose we have another 80x50
guy now. Go to Europe!
Persecutor - Get in contact with me, we need to get some more logos going.
RaVe - Hope to hear from ya soon.
Section 8 - If this board thing works out, well definitely make more ANSis,
wont we?
Sir Psycho Sexy - Another 80x50. Need I say more?
Squirrel - If your initiative was as high as your skill, youd be among the
best artists out there.
Syntax Error - I talk to LD people more often than I do you and youre actually
The Beaver - All us dudes need to get on a conference sometime.
The Spire - If you EVER bother me for an ANSi again... Ya DEAD!
Zodiac - Well get you some source this month. Then well be ALL set.