BaCkstreet Artists Musicians NFO
- News
- Boring Planet Closed
- Immortal Came Back As Midi Musician
- Dead end against open
- Whatevr joined, from belgium
- Members
No Mercy Leader
Tuomio, Wolverine, fOS, ChroNiC, Jaffa,
Opel, Grazer, Andrei villonen
B, Immortal, whatevr
- Who Does what?
No Mercy Asc,ans, Leader Founder,Vga
Tuomio Code
Wolverine Music
Opel Vga
fOS 3d
Andrei Villonen Vga
*Grazer Vga
ChroNiC Vga
Jaffa Code
*B Dont remember, PLEASE CONTACT:
Immortal Midi Music
Whatevr Coding
* means that he should contact so soon as possible
- How to join?
Send e-mail to: and tell ur age, what you do, and send as file attachment something u have done, and of course tell ur alias and howto
Contact D
- Dists:
Name Numbah Open/comments Position
Playground +358-0-8711217 21.oo-o7.oo dist
Dead End +358-0-2214107 24h fhq
- What u should know
okay, we have had communcation problems, but we r working for better
communication system..... because of communication problems, this pack is
this small, i didnt get any 3d r anythin for this, and because of that
this is late... sorry guys