bbs-collection... by baxter
bbs-collection... by baxter
i never some ansis I made for my board, all the same
thought font, some arent that bad, but Im not using
id see them any more, so go ahead and use them ... the day greets to the magnificent 4 ie,tf,rack,devil
another ansi by baxter / axial force
was to be used in the fuel acro lister program, so dont tell me ..
this one is almost a year old I guess, maybe Ill finish that prog one day..
another one for the acro-lister...
btw: the original font idea is by count dracula, I changed it somehow and
addes some junk ... long live cd ! : what happened to ovation ?
use it, abuse it, change it, etc etc, but leave bX where it is :
.---- bX
just plain and simple, no background, nothing special...
did you already know I love purple ? : yes I do
b X / a X F
this one was never finished, its also a bit newer then the others, more
chaotic shading, and even a first try at a background :
It was to be used in a ppe I never made :, now well see ten of those ppes
in the next few months .. so be it :
.--- Enhanced Pot Of Gold
Solar Realms Elite
Barren Realms Elite b
Falcons Eye X
Legend of the Red Dragon /
this one was used in a ppe I released not so long ago, its an old one, which
I touched up a bit, not really good, but not bad either. I had lots of
ideas for this ppe, but I gave up pcboard, because its sinking ship if you
ask me ...
seven days and one week ?
for use in another ppe-idea I had, the ppe was never finished bX
Another ansi which was
never used ... -----------------------
.---- bX
These days there are no more warez on my board ! so dont bother calling ..
but in the old days ..