,sP@ssgysyg j gysyg gyyg ,sP@ssgysyg
j * gyyg j
gysgsss gyssssgsyg S gysgsss S
! . ! . ! ! . ! gysyg
: @jS S @jS @jS* :
.: :P@ssgys, ,sP@ssgys, ,sP@ssgys, ,sP@ssgys, ,sP@ssgys,: :.
.d@:S 7Q S S S 7Q S @L,
:!sss ! . ! S ! !jS7 L
Q, :l l lssysyg l g@S l:
Y, :@ @jS* @ j* gyd S
b, : !Sk j
i:,.@s,. :.,s
P.,gS* *@
,g b d S ,g@@g b ,s@@s @s b S S
S b b . j
S, j j bmd m@ bmd j bmd .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S Axial Force Was foundeD on 12 November 95 ,
! by Iron Eagle BaxteR !L
l First Release : December 95
i !
First MembeR Sweep : April 96 l
Lomska Forsat joined us : December 95
Wave joined us : March 96
The S3MakerS joined us : April 96
Ministry! became an Axial Force Sublabel : May 96
i D.Leria merged with us : June 96
l Next Member sweep : June 96
ZeN Couriers our releases : September 96 i
Septic became an Axial Force Sublabel : October 96 l
Q, Member Sweep : October 96
Y, New Sublabel : Hot Tunes Productions : October 96 S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,g@@g b ,s@@s @, @, S
S b d j
S, bmd m@ bmm j j .d,
s,. .s@,i
S Name Function Country ,
! !L
i Iron Eagle Prezident Belgium !
: LMG S Vice Prezident S Belgium i
i Vanisher l Internet Coordinator l Belgium .
Q, Ottoke : AXF Bot Owner : Belgium
Y, S
b, , , j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,s@S@s ,s@@s ,s@S@s @, ,s@@s @s ,g@@g S
S b b b j
S, L bmd L jmd bmd j bmd .d,
s,. .s@,i
S Name Function Country ,
! !L
i. ,s@ A R T W O R K @s, .S
!s. ,s@ D I V I S I O N H E A D : Iron Eagle @s, .sS!L
Baxter m, Ansi m, Belgium m, l
Swift !, Ansi !, Brazil !,i
, Seumo Ansi Spain
Lord Nikon Ansi Sweden
Unreal Ansi Sweden .
Raptor Ansi/Vga Brazil ,
Grilo Ansi/Ascii/Vga Brazil
Da Bulldog Ansi/Ascii/Vga Great Britain
Get Merry Ansi/Ascii Australia
GhostFace Ansi/Ascii Australia
Snowblind Ansi/Ascii Sweden
SkyKnight Ansi/Ascii Finland
Minotaur Ansi/Ascii Brazil
, Dezeit Ascii Sweden
The Overfiend Ascii Sweden
Iron Eagle Ascii Belgium
Black Sabbath Ascii Great Britain
D2Mac Ascii Great Britain
Matt Smit S Vga S Great Britain ,
Quiz ! Vga ! Sweden
i Slider l Vga l USA
l Korn i Vga Animation/Vga i USA
Gbrlknght l Vga Animation/Vga l USA
S Zed7 Vga Animation/Vga Sweden i
S The Gatekeeper Vga Animation/Vga Belgium i
HeX : Vga Animation/Vga : Slovenia l
Stinger : Vga Animation/Vga : Yugoslavia l
Q, Grafix Vga Animation Australia
Y,Dfensxfx , Vga Animation , Finland S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,s@ C O D I N G @s, S
!s. ,s@ D I V I S I O N H E A D : Grilo @s, .sS!L
S Grilo m, PPe/Crack m, Brazil m, l
! The Thing !, PPe !, Austria !,i
l Exogenesis PPe Israel
i Minmax PPe/Demo Slovenia l
i Black Eagle Pcx Austria
Parody eXe/Demo Australia !
, Gebbo Demo Sweden .
! Da Bulldog eXe/Demo Great Britain
Q Bot/Scripts/eXe Belgium
i Darkzeid Bot/Scripts Brazil S
l Ottoke Bot/Scripts/Html Belgium
PMC Bot/Scripts/eXe/Demo/PPe/Utils Sweden j
S, Pieterke Bot/Scripts/eXe/Utils/Win Belgium .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S ,s@ M U S I C @s, ,
!s. ,s@ D I V I S I O N H E A D : LMG @s, .sS!L
l Dj G-offrey m, ,m m, Belgium m,
i The Fantasy !,,! !, Belgium !,S
Yeti Belgium !
Dark Angel Belgium l
Logik Slovenia i
Prosecutor Slovenia
Verchy S S Slovenia
i S-Brain ! ! Slovenia
l 2CreepZin1 l l Slovenia
Fireside Sweden .
. Kemikall Sweden :
: Mesonyx Iceland l
Dr.Spok i i USA
S Dj Waxy Australia i
Grafix Australia l
Q, Cand-Ice Thailand
Y, S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g H O T T U N E S P R O D U C T I O N S M P 3 S
!s. ,s@ D I V I S I O N H E A D : Double-U Serious B @s, .sS!L
S Serious B m, m, Belgium m,
! Double-U !, !, Belgium !,!
l Gyfu Belgium
i Mastermind Belgium S
Ratso Germany !
Quiz Sweden l
IronLord Sweden i
, Tycer Sweden
Slider USA
Jawn USA
Colinzeal USA ,
, Gbrlknght USA ,
Nyte USA
Dfensxfx Finland
Luxton Canada
Hemi Canada
i Bmf New Zealand i
l Chameleon Australia l
Tricky Chile
S Raven Chile S
Gurin Chile j
Q, Lord Nikon Norway .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S ,s@ C O U R I E R I N G @s, ,
!s. ,s@ D I V I S I O N H E A D : no one yet @s, .sS!L
l m, m,
i Krysis !, National !, Great Britain S
T-Rex National/Internet Belgium !
Ice-Cube National/Internet Belgium l
Mikeone National/Internet Zwitserland i
Xose National/Internet Argentina
Tricky National/Internet Chile
i Korn National/International/Internet USA
l Antichrist International/Internet Germany
Ottoke Internet Belgium
S Mastermind Internet Belgium i
Axiom Internet Holland l
Doc Internet Poland
Q, Mayweed Internet France
Y,Matrixxx , Internet , Great Britain S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,s@ Hacking/Phreaking/Anarachy/Drugs @s, S
!s. ,s@ D I V I S I O N H E A D : The Thing @s, .sS!L
S D-Fense m, H/P/A/D-Writer m, Belgium m,
! Jungle Bunny !, H/P/A/D-Writer !, Great Britain !,S
. . j
Q, , , .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S ,s@ R E S E R V E L I S T @s, ,
l Name m, S Applying For m, S Country m,
l !,! !,! !,S
Wezoo-uk l Vga, Vga Animation Artist l Great Britain !
i Chuck Wicked PPe, eXe, Vga and Composer Brazil i
S Z-Vago i Vga, Vga Animation, Composer i Holland l
Micr0x Ppe, utils Italy l
L0re exe, utils, demo, java Germany l
Thorazine vga, ansi, composer Sweden l
Y, jS
i:,.@s,. Our Files Are Officially Spread by ZeN .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g @, ,s@@s ,s@@s @s @, ,g@@g S
S b d b b j
S, jmd bmd bmm j jmd bmd .d,
s,. .s@,i
S Board Name Numbers Sysop Status ,
! !L
i ,s@ H E A D Q U A R T E R S @s, S
Footprint +32-9-372.74.63 01 Baxter founderboard l
Spirits Of Hell +32-15-20.67.49 01 Black Muzi world hq i
, Cyberbox +49-441-3990032 15 Sascha Klose european hq
+49-441-9396990 ,
Born Dead +54-1-644-1360 01 7alo southamerican hq
Deep Waterz +32-16-50.29.15 01 Dr.k-os courier hq
THR +31-70-3401534 04 SDC dutch hq
Free Zone +33-1-6934-2267 01 Mayweed french hq
Velocity +49-40-6916197 01 Paratoxic german hq
Trioptimum +41-313-027835 01 Deimos swiss hq
Digital Land +42-7-788094 01 Cosmo slovak hq
Shaolin Island +43-1-2144519 01 Black Eagle austrian hq
The Unknown +44-1299-250999 04 Black Sabbath uk hq
Infinity +44-1382-862016 01 Da Bulldog scottish hq
Fuct +46-26-134131 01 Cocaine swedish hq
Minas Tirith +47-61191749 01 Sleepwalker norwegian hq
Star System +39-91-6887202 01 Micr0x italian hq
Wizard +55-21-581-4725 02 Grilo brazilian hq
The Labyrinth +1-909-682-3256 01 Dreamweaver south us hq
Malkavia +1-773-205-0915 01 Time Warrior central us hq
Demons Den +1-213-662-0971 02 Demon west us hq
The Sentinel +90-212-5594082 01 Acun Gezer turkisch hq
The Stonehenge +358-0-2249562 02 Styllgadwir finnish hq
Uplink Cell +598-2561237 01 Supremo urugian hq
Unknown Area +48-22-6653501 01 Vibr8 polish hq
Crashed +42-67-523247 01 Igor Billy czech hq
Paradise City +7-0951123589 04 Crypt Wizard russian hq
Death Row +385-1-326-357 01 Mess croatian hq
Dark Hell +972-7-9972448 01 Dark Angel israelian hq
Digital Force +386-61-1590856 01 Minmax slovenian hq
Scenet +36-1-2282883 01 Melan hungarian hq
Downstairs +45-96-340661 03 Zteel danish hq
Magic City +61-9-440-0624 02 Get Merry australian hq
The Core +1-403-906-9434 01 Mad Max canadian hq
, Hate Nation +34-3-464-29-43 02 Seumo spanish hq
Neurotic +352-31-33-77 01 Houlq luxembourg hq
Infinity +27-11-781-1961 02 Chris South African
Hurricane +64-3-NoT-YeT! 01 Worzeel New Zealand hq ,
Mapl +371-7-83-02-92 01 Carlo latvian hq
i Train of Cons. S +54-1-652-1523 S 02 S Xose S Argentinian hq
l Professional ! +354-45-37790 ! 05 ! Darkstar ! iceland hq
Soft l +56-2-224-5235 l 01 l Zink l chile hq
S Escape i +351-1-2746171 i 01 i The Druid i Portuguese hq i
Crypt +66-2-7588890 02 Cand-Ice Thai hq l
S l +66-2-7588891 l l l i
Onix i +381-11-542848 i 12 i Stinger i yugoslavian hq l
Q, +381-11-546848
Y, +381-11-547848 S
b, , +381-11-548848 , , , j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,s@ D I S T S I T E S @s, S
S Asylum +32-59-32.40.94 02 Sike dist
! The Legends +32-56-42.64.15 02 Ortega dist S
l WLT +32-3-314.58.60 01 Lord Mellow G dist !
i Desert Illusions +1-605-336-7990 01 Raw Toxic dist l
Echo Base +1-517-772-1924 01 Boba Fett dist i
Moonlight +41-TemPoFFliNe 01 The Pirate dist
The Underworld +41-22-9600621 S 03 S Syn dist
Outer Limits +44-115-9746427 ! 02 ! Vauxhall dist
: Mater Pound +385-1-215-132 l 01 l Mater dist
. SL1210 S +31-43-3631724 i 03 i Ch:ilm S dist ,
Distortion ! +31-521-321608 01 Sfinx ! dist i
, Cybernoise l +45-75-655888 02 Undercover l dist l
Prevail i +46-304-67836 01 Ize i dist
i Itching Desire +46-8-6265711 , 01 , Wiz dist S
l The Core +46-31-S-o-o-N 01 Raider dist
Fire +55-11-692-2794 03 Askani Son dist j
S, Mental Overdose , +33-3-27330926 01 Zarkof , dist.d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S ,s@ M E M B E R B O A R D S @s, ,
l Apollo 19 +46-472-19175 01 Quiz memberboard
36Chamberz i +61-9-4511673 i 01 i GhostFace i memberboard S
The Demonwomb +46-60-102666 01 The Overfiend memberboard ,
Q, Infinite Dream +55-11-72099048 01 Chuck Wicked memberboard
Y, . . . . S
b, , , , , j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,s@ A F F I L I A T I O N B O A R D S @s, S
Psychic Confusion +32-56-34.85.34 01 Master Mind affil board
Q, Probe S +46-33-411336 S 01 S Jazz S affil board S
Y,Virtual Death ! +55-11-260-5135 ! 01 ! Maverick ! affil board
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,s@@s ,s@@s S S ,g@@g S
S b j
S, bmd bd bmd .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
! New headquarter in Italy, Argentina, Yugoslavia and Norway !L
l !
i New members : Z-vago, Micr0x, L0re, Stinger and Thorazine l
Oo/ ,
When you want to join us then fill in an application form, send it to me ,
see contact with some of your previous work. Well see what you can do
i and if we think youre good enough for us youll come in the reserve
l list. Youll come in the real memberlist when you made your first
S i
Iron Eagle l
Y, S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,@s @s ,s@@s ,s@@s b ,g@@g S
S S b b j
S, g j bmd bmd m@ bmd .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S Goa.Telepathy.FueL.Trash.InoX.Zionage.Hiv.LoD.The Mystical Members BBs ,
! Triloxy.iCe.Poison.Lazer.Wave.Magic Island.AstroideA.Russian Legend !L
l Fischbratkche.Extremely Hot Warez.threat.traxx.Miracle couriering
i Hidden energy.PhF.Immortal Couriers.Cyberbox.Foh.Sunset.CyberNet S
Mozicart.Pain.Sunset.E/M/S.Surprise!Productions.T4F.F!MK.Digital Land !
l Digital Reign.D.Leria.Ministry!.Intense.XTRSoft.MagneT.Ganja l
Brotherhood of Gods and Retards.GtI.Razor.Code.JfP.PSP.Tracktor.Outrage
S Dream.Dusk.Z E N.TFT.HoC.eXcluSive.Beam.Pwu.L A T I T U D E.Candy.Septic i
Technology Revolution.Andromeda.Headbangers.CsF.Pursuit.Kibosh.SubNatural l
Q, Sanction.Ambush.Garbage.sdc.Ildfrost.Coma.BaT.Elysium power.Quasar
Y,Chaotic Order.Analyse.Themselves.Infinite.Head!.Whizkid Productions S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g ,@s ,s@@s ,s@@s b ,s@@s ,@s b S
S d j
S, md bmd m@ bmm md m@ .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S Iron Eagle email ,
! virtual hell.msg !L
l homepage
i snailmail Iron EagleAxF S
l Breden.Els.51 l
2490.Balen i
S Belgium
S LMG email
Vanisher email i
Q, Dado email l
Y, Grilo email S
b, Hot Tunes prod. email j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g S ,s@@s b ,s@@s @s ,s@@s ,s@@s b S
S b j
S, j m@ bmd j bmd m@ .d,
s,. .s@,i
@* *Sg,.:
S Homepage : Under big Construction ! ,
! Ftp : !L
l directory : pub/music/groups/axf
i S
l directory : pub/sound/support/axf !
IrC : AXF Servers : Belgium : l
S i
Q, World :
Y, Rest Of Europe : S
b, j
i:,.@s,. .,s
P.,gS* *@
,g @s ,s@@s b ,s@@s ,s@@s ,g@@g ,s@@s ,g@@g S
S b b d b b j
S, j bmd jmd bmd bmm bmd bmd bmd .d,
s,. .s@,i
S Date Description Artist Name ,
! !L
i 03/12/95 The BelGiaN BBs-LiSt m, Blade Runner AXF-BBS S
03/12/95 A little MuSiC PacK !, Dark Angel AXF-MU1 !
17/12/95 MuSiC PaCK 1/2 DJ Mystic AXF-DJM1 l
17/12/95 MuSiC PaCK 2/2 DJ Mystic AXF-DJM2 i
, 27/12/95 CD-Rom-LisT Creator V0.80 The Allmighty AXF-LIST
11/01/96 Trainer For TeKWaR The Allmighty AXF-TWTR
30/01/96 Footer PPe V2.0 Dark Angel AXF-FOOT
31/01/96 New File Scan PPe V2.0 The Allmighty AXF-NFS ,
09/02/96 Flippy Time - S3M The Fantasy AXF-FLT
11/02/96 Fantasys Dream - S3M The Fantasy AXF-TFD
15/02/96 Armed House Music - S3M The Fantasy AXF-AHM
16/02/96 Music Pack 2 Dark Angel AXF-MP2
17/02/96 Claudia Shiffer Collection Blade Runner AXF-CLS
21/02/96 TiM 3 Complete Solve Blade Runner AXF-TIM
02/03/96 Games-LightbaR PPe V2.0 Baxter AXF-GAME
13/03/96 Music Pack 3 Dark Angel AXF-MP3
16/03/96 Apply PPe Grilo AXF-APP
06/04/96 The Beginning - XM Abstract Mind AXF-AMTB
06/04/96 Where Is The Sound - XM Abstract Mind AXF-AMWS
06/04/96 Cheats - April WaxWeazle AXF-CH04
07/04/96 SySop Pager PPe DarkZeid AXF-DZSP
08/04/96 Expert Mode PPe Grilo AXF-GRXM
08/04/96 Internet Sites List Vanisher AXF-VNST
11/04/96 Dont Stop The Night - XM Abstract Mind AXF-AMDS
11/04/96 Are Am Eye - XM Abstract Mind AXF-AMAE
14/04/96 DominatorRemix - XM WaxWeazle AXF-WWDM
14/04/96 Capacity Login V1.0 Grilo AXF-GRCL
14/04/96 Comment to SyS V1.0 Grilo AXF-GRCS
14/04/96 File Area PPe Grilo AXF-GRFA
14/04/96 Enter Message PPe Grilo AXF-GREM
14/04/96 Press Enter PPes Grilo AXF-GRPE
14/04/96 Upload PPe Grilo AXF-GRUP
14/04/96 Zippy Scan V1.2 Grilo AXF-GRZS
14/04/96 Fuck User PPe Grilo AXF-GRFU
14/04/96 Level PPe Grilo AXF-GRLE
15/04/96 Dictionary For your Black Light AXF-SD96
password Cracker
15/04/96 Dictionary for your Black Light AXF1SD96
password cracker 1/5
15/04/96 Dictionary for your Black Light AXF2SD96
password cracker 2/5
15/04/96 Dictionary for your Black Light AXF3SD96
password cracker 3/5
15/04/96 Dictionary for your Black Light AXF4SD96
password cracker 4/5
15/04/96 Dictionary for your Black Light AXF5SD96
password cracker 5/5
21/04/96 Pumper PPe DarkZeid AXF-DZPM
25/04/96 Brain Invasion - MoD The Fantasy AXF-TFBI
26/04/96 NuV PPe v1.1 Dark Angel AXF-DANV
28/04/96 Clouds Of BlooD - S3M CandyMan AXF-CMCB
28/04/96 Always Loving You - S3M CandyMan AXF-CMAL
28/04/96 The Shine Of Your EyeS - S3M CandyMan AXF-CMSE
28/04/96 The Black Souls - S3M CandyMan AXF-CMBS
28/04/96 666 The Number Of The CandyMan AXF-CM66
Demon - S3M
28/04/96 Dance Music Funk - S3M CandyMan AXF-CMDM
28/04/96 Boink Boink Boink - XM WaxWeazle AXF-WWBB
30/04/96 Hello To The Earth - S3M The Fantasy AXF-TFHE
30/04/96 Get Busy - XM Abstract Mind AXF-ACGB
30/04/96 Planet GoA Part II - XM Abstract Mind AXF-ACPG
30/04/96 Woofer Mover - XM Abstract Mind AXF-AMWF
02/05/96 German Reanault AG -Scan- Black Light AXF-BLGR
02/05/96 The Nation Megamix Abstract Mind AXF-AMNM
07/05/96 Enter Message PPe-BugFixeD Grilo AXF-GRMB
07/05/96 Animated PrompT PPe Grilo AXF-GRAP
07/05/96 CD Menu V1.0 Grilo AXF-GRCD
07/05/96 ReVolutioN Chatter Grilo AXF-GRRC
07/05/96 Multi Logon PPe Grilo AXF-GRML
08/05/96 Bill-Counter PPe V1.0 WaxWeazle AXF-WWBI
10/05/96 HarDwaX MusicdisK Abstract Mind AXF-AMHW
16/05/96 AnjA - XM WaxWeazle AXF-WWAJ
18/05/96 DaNi - S3M Digao AXF-DGDN
21/05/96 The Undersound - S3M The Fantasy AXF-TFUN
23/05/96 Keep On Moving - XM The Fantasy AXF-TFKO
02/06/96 One Liner PPe Grilo AXF-GRLN
10/06/96 Ministry! : Breaking Into Cars D-Fense AXF-DFCA
10/06/96 Handle Changer PPe Grilo AXF-GRHA
12/06/96 Wave - XM Dark Angel AXF-DAWV
20/06/96 Relaxation - XM Rave Master AXF-RMRL
22/06/96 A Boring SundaY - XM Rave Master AXF-RMSU
27/06/96 Complete IrC Guide Fitzroy AXF-FRIR
07/07/96 Ice Mountain XM Pack Rave Master AXF-RMIM
17/07/96 Graphix Pack The Ripper AXF-TRGP
26/08/96 Zippy Text Search 2.0 PPe Grilo AXF-GRZT
26/08/96 File All PPe Grilo AXF-GRFL
04/09/96 Logoff PPe Grilo AXF-GRLF
12/09/96 Tyrerbot DarkZeid AXF-DZTB
28/09/96 Solo Music Pack The Fantasy AXF-TFMP
29/09/96 Ultimate Comment To Sysop PPe Grilo AXF-GRUC
29/09/96 Fart Security Level PPe Grilo AXF-GRFS
02/10/96 Complete AXF guide Vanisher AXF-VNAG
05/10/96 September Art Pack Various AXF-AP1
08/10/96 The Craft - S3M Candyman AXF-CMTC
11/10/96 Going To Heaven - MoD Mercenary AXF-MCGH
11/10/96 A time To Play - XM Dj Waxy AXF-DWTP
15/10/96 Run PPe Seumo AXF-SMRU
17/10/96 Dont Mind your Mind - XM The Fantasy AXF-TFMM
18/10/96 Crazy - IT Cnl. Stavross AXF-CSCR
21/10/96 Ministry! : Mean Money Machine D-fense AXF-DFMM
21/10/96 Ministry! : Smiley Guide D-fense AXF-DFSG
22/10/96 Septic : Cant Stop Raving - IT Prosecutor AXF-PVSR
23/10/96 The Return - IT Dr.Spok AXF-DSTR
01/11/96 October Art Pack Various AXF-AP10
02/11/96 October Vga Animation Art Pack Grafix AXF-AN10
11/11/96 Another Place - XM The Fantasy AXF-TFAP
11/11/96 Micky - XM The Fantasy AXF-TFMC
11/11/96 Mr. Weird - XM Dj Waxy AXF-DWMW
11/11/96 Mr. Weird Jnr. - XM Dj Waxy AXF-DWWJ
11/11/96 X-pecial Techno Xose AXF-XOXT
13/11/96 AxF 1 Year Aniversary Demo Parody AXF-PD1Y
13/11/96 Ministrys Kissing Technique D-fense AXF-DFKT
02/12/96 December Art Pack 1/3 Various AXF0296A
02/12/96 December Art Pack 2/3 Various AXF0296B
02/12/96 December Art Pack 3/3 Various AXF0296C
08/12/96 Warez Requestor PPe v1.0 Minmax AXF-MMWR
08/12/96 Harmonious Dreams - XM The Fantasy AXF-TFHD
08/12/96 Cool Groove - XM The Fantasy AXF-TFCG
08/12/96 2 Be-Tranced - XM The Fantasy AXF-TF2B
08/12/96 Septic : Hyper Hyperremix - IT Verchy AXF-VCHH
08/12/96 Septic : Rave Vibes - IT S-Brain AXF-SBRV
08/12/96 Mr.Awfull -XM Dj Waxy AXF-DWMA
09/12/96 Ayla HTP-CreW AXF-H001
09/12/96 Fugee Chinese Order HTP-CreW AXF-H002
09/12/96 outrageous HTP-CreW AXF-H003
09/12/96 Rio HTP-CreW AXF-H004
09/12/96 Fiesta De Los Tambo. HTP-CreW AXF-H005
09/12/96 Mirror Of Love HTP-CreW AXF-H006
09/12/96 Biotech Is Godzilla HTP-CreW AXF-H007
09/12/96 Aquarius We Are The World HTP-CreW AXF-H008
09/12/96 Im Alive HTP-CreW AXF-H009
09/12/96 Complex Illusions - IT Logik AXF-LGCI
09/12/96 The Critical Point - IT Logik AXF-LGCP
09/12/96 Did Someone Say Trance? - IT Logik AXF-LGTR
09/12/96 Mind War - IT Dr.Spok AXF-DSMW
09/12/96 Cyber Experience I - IT S-Brain AXF-SBCE
09/12/96 Trancy Land - IT S-Brain AXF-SBTL
09/12/96 Vampires Wedding - S3M Cj Japa AXF-JPVW
18/12/96 Strings Of Life D. May 87 HTP-CreW AXF-H010
18/12/96 Feel The Sunshine HTP-CreW AXF-H011
18/12/96 Extra Dave Angel Remix HTP-CreW AXF-H012
21/12/96 Its Margret Cho HTP-CreW AXF-H013
21/12/96 13,000 Is a Lot of Food HTP-CreW AXF-H014
21/12/96 Shouldve Stayed Home Tonight HTP-CreW AXF-H015
21/12/96 She Cries HTP-CreW AXF-H016
21/12/96 Everyeone HTP-CreW AXF-H017
21/12/96 Carry on HTP-CreW AXF-H018
21/12/96 Fighting Time HTP-CreW AXF-H019
21/12/96 Took a Walk HTP-CreW AXF-H020
, 21/12/96 Rude Girl HTP-CreW AXF-H021
21/12/96 Frivolance - S3M Grafix AXF-GFFV
. 21/12/96 Loud Clear - XM Dj G-offrey AXF-GOLC
21/12/96 Splinter - XM Dj G-offrey AXF-GOSP
21/12/96 Toxa-Eniamus - XM Dj G-offrey AXF-GOTE
21/12/96 Virtual Dreams - IT Verchy AXF-VCVD ,
28/12/96 The Badge HTP-CreW AXF-H022
i 28/12/96 S Fucking Hostile S HTP-CreW S AXF-H023
l 28/12/96 ! Corazon De Sandia ! HTP-CreW ! AXF-H024
02/01/97 l January Art Pack l Art Team l AXF-0197
S 06/01/97 i Tired Of Sex i HTP-Crew i AXF-H025 i
01/02/97 February Art Pack Art Team AXF-0297 l
Q, 01/03/97 March Art Pack 1/2 Art Team AXF-037A
Y, March Art Pack 2/2 Art Team AXF-037B S
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Info File text made by : Iron Eagle Last Updated on : 01/03/97 j
S, Info File Graphics made by : Skyknight .d,
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