losing my religon... by Vejita
losing my religon... by Vejita
introducing veitajianism.
a v ! m c m x x c v
the jcn of veitajianism
.sSSs..sSSs.S.sSSs. .sSSs. .sSSs.t!
SssS osSSssSS
the veitajian-kama-mantra-sutra
drink java.watch carpet.listen nin.
become a beatnik. put an aluminium can in the plastic bin.
watch art-house movies.hang around chapel st. on a sunday
afternoonwondering what the fuck youre doing there.
drive to see your sister in an alcohol induced coma in
hospital and crash your parents car with a blood alcohol
reading nine times over the limit at 16. mix. think up
catchy slogans. sell your ostrich. leave it to beaver
wonder why hypocrisy is in all humans.
do the world a favour. dont buy american where possible.
do anything but just dont upset the gods.