Information File by Apocalyptic Visions
Information File by Apocalyptic Visions
v i s i o n s
this info file is full of propaganda!!!
Welcome to Apocalyptic Visions Groovy Art Pack Number Seven!
Australias grooviest art group thatll be us!! has released another
pack ta make ya little pupils go wack! And for the occasion, we have
well I did : kicked Blue Apache out of writing this spooey nfo
file and from compiling the pack!! Well, its been over a year since I
have whacked a pack together, to tell you the truth since june 6th?? 1994
back when the TRUE last DiE production was released. And I would like to
congratulate all the AV members who have contributed this month, as this
is our BEST pack by far.
CAN YOU BELIEVE!!! Yer.. I know, Dreamstate is ACTUALLY Up.. and well, to tell
you the truth, I didnt believe what I was hearing, or rather, what I was
seeing on my monitor!!! And the magical Number for you to call and NUP
does he want nup distrod? is +61-3-525-7287NUP : Corrosive
- eheh.. we got a whq!! after so many damn months!
Now I would like to say that AV has come a LONG way from its beginings
shit, I wasnt even in av then and now I believe they have become THE
best art group Australia has ever seen. And your saying WHY?? Well I will
tell you why, av gets together and get smashed! Now if that aint wicked
communication, now you tell me what is, and another thing, they dont think
they are so kewl and rule the art world as in ohh rad man wants to marry
me man! babble babble!
We have a new member by the name of Krazy One. He is from Queensland, and
right near the Goldcoast!! wonder if he was in Paradise Beach!! ECH
He is doing music for us so make him feel welcome!! We all know he joined
the group of groups! Welcome aboard Krazy!
Some of the grooviest news is that Madness Network is hooning and starting
up all over the east/south coast of australia. Even better is the fact
that my board is now accepting the stupid mail and doing everything correct!
So if you need a good net, then this is the one you need.
is included in this pack. It contains the nodes you can poll etc etc and
all the areas you can have.
WHAT.. no music in the pack.. are the musicians actually working?? Well yes
they are, and to make it all better, we are gonna be doing a music disk.
And this aint gonna be some pov disk either, I expect full vga for interface
with awesome design.. We are in the process of organizing..
There have been a few new sites aswell!! This should help to spread the
pack to where ever whenever!! Now that helps little kiddies doesnt it so
you can go read!! In some order given to me we have!!
South Australian Outpost - Morbid Incite
New South Wales Outpost - Shadowgate
Queensland Outpose - The Umbra
US Outpost - Deathstar
Euro/Belgium Outpost - Mental Overdose
+ a few more, but shit, I cant remember them all at this point of time, and
believe me when I say they will be in the next pack!!!
Now dont ask me what the numbers are, they didnt tell me, but they should
be in the av-pk07.sit file listing of sites when that is released with
the pack!
Seeing I write this file and nobody tells me what to do, I am gonna give
out a cheap plug no not a plug of krls mother for my board! WOOOO!
Its back up. Its Groovytm and the number is +61-3-9885-4475!! CALL!
The Apocalyptic Visions Homepage is located *CURRENTLY* at :
HOWEVER, this site is only available until the 20th of November, and we will
have another site for you as soon as we can get one for you!!
Also, internet addresses, I think in the next pack that we should dedicate
some space for them all. One reason for it not being here is that I dont
have anyones address that I can recall.. But an easy way to contact us
is through madness network. Any decent board will have or will.
I would also like to say hello to the fellow aussie groups, sick and force.
Well done guys, good stuff to see your both still alive! man, thats rare
for aussie groups!!!
Thats all I have to say this month or two. Go look at the art, and will
probably see you next month if exams dont kill me :