aRC by Bad Foundation
aRC by Bad Foundation
bad foundation
except for that
vicious font and
all this way cool
black on black
bull shit...
the mister
krinkle i just should merge
found some black our name is so
space and feel much better than
like filling it yours.. enough if you disagree with bitching except one anything here.... more... fuck you, nobody reads ANUBUS: i really dont
it anyway want to here scene news
from some one who still
--like it? greets shiver and describes
..ok time boards as supporting DiE...
to start...
sorry baddy, but with all for such a funky pic you
this black space i just should use a bigger sig
couldnt help my self and
as you didnt use it well ...scene info is fine, grate
i thought it would be a even, but before you decide
shame to waste, by the to start telling everybody
way love you ansi, fucking about the state of the world
awsome, hope you approve address... GET A CLUE
of my font, i like it i no offence, i love you art
think it fits in ok. but U r cLuE-LeSs D00dE.
shit, im nearly out of right that feels much
space, should shove in better...
some greets: peace to everyone out all of av.... oh yeah there in the ever growing that remindes me oz secne even anubus SiCK: you clowns dispite what i said really..... above go to other bye now side krinkle
.a R C.