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P S Y C H O S i S M A G A Z i N E
logo: krinkle.av
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once below, forever below.. krl.av
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For your viewing pleasure... KRL logo collection 1!
Well... mostly... ok, FUCKING SHUTUP isnt the name of a group... he just got
bored... anyway, why isnt krinkle himself writting this? cos hes a lazy sod
and just said oh, you might want to stick this into a logo collection... you
do it... so I did... and just for that, you dont get any funky invisible
comments and junk from krinkle... and if you dont like it, you can shove your
fat, overpaid arses on this mid digit, and swivel til you squeal like pigs on
a honeymoon...
Blue Apache cos KRL is too sensible to write drivel like this
well... at least sensible enough to get someone else to do it
d0NT kRY bUT diZ iZ dA END!