Cosmic Catalyst:
Well its been a great 2 months since our last pack, weve acquired
some new tallent, and purged the inactive. The group is still exactly
the same size as it was 2 months ago, but our tallent has increased
considerably. Before I say anymore, Id like to make an appology on
behalf of all the ATOMiC STAFF, for a sloppy first release, it wont
happen again. Ok, now that that is out of the way, lets move on to more
important business. First Id like to welcome 2 new members to the ATOMiC
team since the last pack, Catastrophic Brainwave New Senoir of ANSi and
The Inn-Keeper Programming Division , were glad to have you guys abord.
ATOMiC has also lost 2 members over the last 2 months, Hipe and Chaotix,
see you guys around eh? Expect to see us expand greatly in the next few
months, we intend to leave the 905/416/705 area and move on to the rest
of Canada and the US. Well thats all I have to say, except that if you
have a tallent that could benifit the group Ie. ANSi/GiF/MOD/RiP/CODiNG/
PROG. ETC. please fell free to apply, and your Member or Site
application will be promptly reviewed. CYA and hope you like the pack.
GREETS : Yaz - Hipe - The Hypnotist - Flex Agustus - Awh Heck, EVERYONE!
Anonymous Man:
Thanks to Cosmic, now I have to make a long long comment, or else Id
feel stupid. Im happy to see that ATOMiC is growing by leaps and bounds, a
can let out that a few new sites are forthcoming, though dont quote
me...hehe. Glad that were still around, I was half expecting the group to
collapse after the first disaterous pack, though it still had some good
stuff in it no comment on the ANSi though..G Hope everyone had a good
winter, or rather is having a good winter, the temperature here was, like
-25, so drop yer cocks and grab yer socks. Hey to Hipe, never really talked
to you, but you still seem pro ATOMiC, so, hey, you cant be ALL bad..:.
Also Peace out to Flex Agustus, and I DO mean peace. Hope you all D/L the
next pack, if you were as unsatisfied with this one as you undoubtably
were with the last, please leave me some E-mail on Black Sunday or any
other ATOMiC site except DRA telling me what you thought was so horrible.
Hoping this is a great success, / /I
GREETS : Rage - Arch Bishop - Doomsayer - Stud - Ishamael -
- The Perfect One - Dire Wolf -
Catastrophic Brainwave:
Its been an interesting last month. An on-slaught of FED
activity in 905/416 closing many boards, and an attempt to do
so to my board by a PD LAMER! This was my first month with
ATOMiC, at first I had them labelled as a LAMER group, slowly
I noticed Anonymous Mans ansi getting somewhat better. A month
rolled by and their first pack was out. The ansi needed alot of work,
The one loader included was pretty impressive. None the less I could
see the begginings of an actual group forming. Over the next 2 weeks
I watched, and wondered, as I saw nothing. Finally I was asked to
join. At first I had my speculations, and I filled out the app.
I then call the WHQ, and was surprized to see some good orginzation.
There was a complete bbs system for ATOMIC memebers only. I was asked
to do an ansi to show off my tallents, which I took on, thinking there
was no point. Well now I am very impressed with everyone. We have
all learned to go out, find jobs, and get them done, in a good amount
of time, and with satisfaction!
GREETS : EVERYONE in ATOMIC, everyone changing to PCB, THE OVERLORD Thanx
for the net DUDE! and to THE EDGE, the sexiest female pirate out their!
Krisis In De Kremlin:
Welp...was it as good for you as it was for me? I sure hope so.
I guess I should start this thing off by bragging about how much better
my ansis have been l8ley...I guess all I needed to do is spend some
time on em. Oh well... Im also kickin in the programming scene... I
guess I can take this moment to brag about how Im the *NEW* programming
senior, Hades backed out, so Im here now, and I hope Im here to stay.
Oh...DiGiTAL iLLUSiON is finally coming back if it was ever here! and
weve got a kickin new graphic format on beta called SIF..
Sprite Info File and Weve already got a wicked SiF editor, animator,
zoomer, etc. Well have it out i n a month or 2 with about 100000
SiFs...all they are are Small Sprites, good for programmers, open up
one of these ASCii Files and read all the data and draw the SiFs in
your games, anyways...Im blabbing on here, so Ill stop boring you
with these scribbilings and letcha look at some really kickin ANSi!!!
ATOMiC is coming along well, and generally is doing great. The one
thing we need now is recongition, as an ANSi/Prog. group. We have much to
offer, and all you need to do is ask! Any sort of simple programs that you
want written? Something simple, but that could be very usefull. From a BBS
utility, to many other things, online or not!
Silicone Knight:
Hey dont let the first pack decive you, weve picked up alot of speed
since then, and we are now looking for GOOD ANSi and RiP artists, if you
good apply. And if you need any programming done, contact me.. Although
if you like Snoop Doggy Dog, forget it.
The Inn-Keeper:
Say a few words they tell me..
Well.. Im a new member to ATOMiC and loving every second of it..
Thanx again to Krisis In De Kremlin for putting the good word forth..
Actually Ive decided to drop GoDs and go FULL-TIME with ATOMiC..
Glad to be aboard guys..
GREETS : Liquid Flesh - Boba Fett - SD - Krisis