Call Wankz0r (local only) by nightstalker
Call Wankz0r (local only) by nightstalker
SUXX! NS !!!! Ph34R !
view in hirez !
very high rez!
quake the story :
evil monsters have taken over earth rescue them!
originality points: 99/100
quake the monsters :
they are scary motherfuckers !!
evil motherfucking score: 99/100
quake the toughness :
its a very hard game: you need 5 yes , FIVE days to finish it!
toughness score: 100/100
quake the game :
very original : 3D... it reminded me a bit to doom but it was
COMPLETELY different , wow a whole new concept!!!
game score : 100/100
actually: i like the music from quake by NIN and thats all i like from it !!