aspire 04 info by aspire crew
aspire 04 info by aspire crew
werd up people. thanks for downloading aspire 4. thank-
fully this pack isnt a month late. its only 6 days late anyway,
ill get on with it now, since people hate to read info files.
news // ..
other than getting a few new editions to the aspire crew, its been
a pretty slow month. i have decided to make some managerial changes
though. the biggest news is that i have decided to do away with
aspire ansi. why you ask? first, i hardly have any ansi artist in
aspire, and two, i think that if aspire is all ansi, we will have
a more solid foundation.
coming // ..
cat-dog has decided to join the aspire crew this month, so look for
his work in this pack.
kuma, aka mideel, has also joined the ranks this month. since he has
some experience in the scene, he is now an aspire senior aswell.
esc has also decided to join. now he is one of our 3 oldschool
leaving // ..
pandora: i dont know where she has been, and from what i hear, she
doesnt draw anymore.
psion: i have decided to do away with honorary members.
twoxfh: no more ansi in aspire, sorry twoxfh.
*** note to gravedancer: when you give someone art for their group,
dont release all of it in other groups. it tends to piss people off.
distro sites // ..
name number sysop
the severed head ....... 410-544-7685 ......... psion
angelus canada ....... 416-667-0540 ......... space ace
member boards // ..
name number sysop
aftermath hq ....... not-yet-open ......... father damien
crack tech 2000 ....... .. infect
gin ....... 410-not-open ......... revolution
otaku underground ....... 410-761-1460 ......... johnny 5
tremor ....... not-yet-open ......... gwydian phluid
closing // ..
well, that about wraps it up. i made this info file short and sweet.
i never read them, so i doubt you want to either
if you are looking for aspire packs, visit the shitty aspire web
page! sometimes that url doesnt work
because of the forwarding service, so if it doesnt, please go to
one more thing. dont forget to visit oracle, the coolest webzine
in the planet., or http://neoncrayon.