info file on group 02/96 by divine intervention
info file on group 02/96 by divine intervention
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totalitarian.ash 96
ash documentary info file for february 96 2
-divine intervention.ash.96
ash is well on our way to being a great group.. we are looking for
new members as always, and ansi is definitely a plus to the group as well.. we
have some very talented artists now, and we are producing at a far greater rate
than what i originally expected.. i have seen some huge changes in styles of
work in several artists.. for instance, cythulu is drawing awesome lately, as
well as totalitarian and many others.. as for me, i have started drawing picts
instead of all fonts.. i feel my work is progressing pretty quickly, but you canall be the judges of that..
i was unable to get ahold of several members of ash this month, them
being cronic, bishop, and several others.. therefor their work will not be
included in this pack if they did, indeed, make anything for it..
several artists ie: zippy, etc were deciding to wait until this
pack was released to decide whether or not to join the ranks.. anyhow, take a
good look at it all, and make a good decision join ash@!!..
ill let you all be the critics of this ash 2 pack, however, from
my personal point of view, i think you will all be pretty impressed, and i hope
that we can keep pumping out more and more good work in the future.. i am lookng for more good ansi artists who can do good fonts and preferably decent looking
pictures.. a few picture artists cant hold the group together for too long.. weneed more, and are in the middle of acquiring several others lately who seem to
be real interested in the group.. i hope that interest doesnt deminish.. fill
out the primitive text application enclosed aemon al caar still isnt done with the application generator and send it to my bbs, napalm dynasty, at
4i4-367-9o99.. we are looking for more coders.. in specific, we need a coder whocan do a viewer for the group.. if you have that talent, we would appreciate it
greatly if youd make us that viewer..
well, ill let yall get to the pack.. i hope you enjoy it and if
you have any suggestions, requests, etc. you can reach me, divine intervention,
on napalm dynasty number posted above.. oh yeah, join ash 96 today!!
divine intervention.ash.96