member list
member list
a p a t h y p a c k
s t u d i o s 1 3
a p a t h y i s :
ANT, Argon, Avenging Angel, bw, Cyonix,
Dman, Filth, H7, ironghost, Jack Phlash
Knocturnal, Konami, Luciano Ayres,
mattmatthew, Misfit, Mr. Wrong,
mypalGOO, NDH, Offspring, Omot, Otium,
Realm Dweller, Reset Survivor, Somms,
Stone the Crow, The Creep Fever
The Textmode Exorcist, Trip, Transient,
Ungenannt, Whazzit, ZeusII
a p a t h y w a s :
28, 7degrees, Anarchist, Apox,
Assumed Assassin, Bedlam, Blatz,
Blenderhead, BoA, Captin, Creed,
Creative, Caduceus, Cephyr, Crayon,
Cidica, Cheeze, Cypher Hex, Clark,
Cold N Ugly, Doctor Hades, Defiant,
Dark Phoenix, Degenerit, Epidemic,
Ellis Dee, Eclipse, Eiht Ball, Exulted,
Eerie, Fresh, Fringe, Fury, Hooch,
Hooptie, Halaster, Iridescent, Iodine,
Illusion X, Killa Hertz, Kamikaze,
Kadaver, Lithium, Lint, Lord Jazz,
Mass Murderer, Mephitopeles,
Morbid Fixation, Mojo, Mighty Mouse,
Nosferatu, Nootropic, Piratebox, P-Chan,
Point Blank, Professa Booty, Prizm, Pyro
Quake, Reptile, RZA, Snake Grunger,
Sir Death, Spear, Spree, Sublime, Shoony,
Smokey, Scribble, Tical, Thrasher,
Unsane, Vassago, Village Idiot, Zork ,
a p a t h y a l u m n i :
Ewheat Mr. Self Destruct
note: this list includes artists
who contributed to Apathy packs as
guests and were not official
members - although they are now.