Logo Stack #1 by Misfit
Logo Stack #1 by Misfit
everybody have a breakdown.
apathy for no
one in particular mt-ay2
vampires soul
for some pd sysop guy mt-v
the vampires soul bbs
ansi by misfitapa/
miscellaneous bullshit
for me
some of you may have already heard, but for those who h
avent, heres the deal. a few months ago i was co-ru
nning saga with ellis dee. a lot of people commentedt
hat we had great communication in that group, and we di
d. the reason was that iwas doing a LOT of third part
y billing, and everything was cool. well, saga diedan
d i started apathy, and patted myself on the back for
being such an elite
phreak.. until last month. ugh. i got backbilled. see,
i had been billing all mycalls to various numbers in
canada, and apparantly it took the canadian phone
company a few months to trace all the calls back to me.
they sent all the info to att and boom. i get a no
t-so-nice phone call from a guy at att security
telling me that i was gonna have a fat ol phone bill.
something like 1300. it
sucks pretty bad. i know what yall are thinking.. he
shoulda done this, this, and this, and he wouldve ne
ver gotten caught. its what i wouldve said if it h
ad happened to someone else, but its like the old pie-i
n-the-face routine.. it
stops being funny when it starts being you. anyway, my
parents took away my
phone and my modem which is why yall havent seen me
on irc in awhile, and
im working my ass off to pay off my bill ive paid ab
out 600 of it so far.
now i need to ask a favor of anyone out there who actua
lly gives a rats ass andlikes me. im selling artwor
k ansi and rip to get some extra cash. ive given
a lot to the scene, in time, energy, and talent, and i
think its time i got something back, yknow?
jello insanity
for numbah 28 m
jiggle-, er.. insanity.
ops : 28 mOp.
ill communication
for professa booty mt
apathy shq ill commu
nication * opd by professa boo-tay
you know whatd be really cool? if i could come up wi
th my OWN style :.. hi 28.
more miscellaneous bullsh
it for me mt-
hey, my best worst? 28 impression. god i suck. anywh
o, for those kind souls
out there whod like to buy some art, ive developed a
little rating system. fora 100 line ansi 100 lines o
f actual pic, not headers and fonts and shit is 15a
nd its two bucks for every 10 lines after that. 25-lin
ers are five bucks. hmm.fonts are free, unless i hate
you, in which case theyre 20 per letter. send
requests and payment to james b / 14 palm lane / lebano
n, pa / 17042 u.s. fundsonly, and the day i get the
money is the day i start the ansi. and yeah, for
most all paying requests i usually throw in something e
xtra, just for the hell of it, cuz im just cool tha
t way.
poo for trip
ops: trip me.
wow, an un
sane-style 602-589-0791
font. but then again apathy whq
he rips off maestro c
ow parts whq
so i guess im okay rival ushq
ice member board
trank member
mop member
pork whq
rad distro
y0lknet node
0-day art stuff
lots of zines
and text files
and porn.
morbid hallusinations
for vlad
morbid hallusinations.
717s artistic mecca.
even more bullshit
for me
hmm.. whats left to say? okay, yeah. i want to stress
how important it is that all apathy members call poo
602-589-0791 and upload your work. trip and i
simply cant afford to keep coordinating like weve been i.
e., call members andhope they have work. a lot of yo
u are on irc, so we can get your work there,
but if the end of the month comes around and we havent been
able to get work
from you, call poo and upload it. pack time is a pain in the
ass, and all of youcan make are lives a little easie
r by sending in work. if you cant aford a longld cal
l, just call and use the member account login: apathy
, pword: apathy anditll take you right to the membe
r base. and if you cant afford a five minute
call once a month phhbbtt uuencode your shit and send
it to muh boy trip at
thrust@primenet.com. and if you cant do that.. well..
what can i say? go join
grip/ad :.
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  • Logo Stack #1
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  • Misfit
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  • Apathy Studios
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  • 1996-02-24
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  • ansi
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