March Info file by Trip
March Info file by Trip
apathy march 96
header by sUblime
hullo : y0e .. apathys 7th pack. weve been around a while, and still
here to
prove we have nothing better to do.
sorry : sorry bout the lateness. I SAID IM SORRY. CHILL. GODDAMMIT, W
giger : in yet another show of apatheticness, giger month didn
t quite happen.
for you illiterates reading, apatheticness would be having the state
of lack
of interest, emotion, or opinion. maybe well do it some month down t
he road.
bite me : we had a little internal shake-up this month .. all sorts
of weird
shit happened between the senior staff, but in the end, and under the
nce of several sexual favors everything is back to that warm and fuzz
y feeli-
ng we all love so much. oh, its improperly hyphenated month.
hip i say, hip.
member news : carpet monkey is now transient. scr
eeching weasel has returned
from hiatus, and now goes by sublime. w00w00!@ a local to me
, balls wilson, has done two things. hes joined apat
hy as an ansi/rip artist with great toon skills, and he has man
aged to take over the 3rd world nation known as botswan-
a. please make a note of this. hooch becomes alumni, and runs
our global mail-
ing address type thing see next paragraph. sasafras,
the lovable chia pet,
is now known as shoony. boy, he sure can pick them handles.
scribble, realiz-
ing that life without apathy is just wrong,
is back. he now goes by meep.
ellisdee also came to that realization. he goes by judge
ellis now, but well
just call him the god of furry cheese. we have for
eigners! yay! our first two
members off of the North American continent joined this month. cra
yon, hailing
from sweden, joins with great ansi skills. cephyr joins apat
hy from germany, the land of rabid gorillas. his vga talents a
re very much worth viewing. yet another new member, ruckus
formerly unsane joins, helping give us a reall
strong logo division. dark phoenix joins as a coder, who is co
ding on ApaView.
Its going to have all sorts of elite shit, such as smooth scrolling
and .ADF
support, which means a vga textmode interface, ala iCEview. ONLY BETT
ER. And,
Fury joins us late in the month to doodle ansi. whee!@ welc
ome one and all.
something special : Be sure to check out adfview, a viewer f
or the .ADF file format coded by hooptie. ADF
is like iCEDraws .IDF, ONLY BETTER. wanna know
why? becuase .adf is available to the public through Artworx, and .idf
We have included a few sample .adfs to give you just a taste of wha
t can be done with this new format. Check out
, available at your nearest
propolactic dealership, for more information on .adf, ansi/2 similar
to adf,
but displayable over the modem!, and many other erection-inducing
email : if you cant reach an apathy member or need to contact the sta
ff about
apathy, send it to it gets forw
arded to me, and
i will act on it accordingly.
random weirdness : lolli po p s fo r th e lit t l e chil
dr e n
there is a method to my maddness there is a method to my maddness ther
e is a
the end : welp .. ive got to go donate some blood. fuck those worth
less as-
sholes who need blood, i just need the nee dl e ... .. .
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