Feb. '96 Info by Apathy Studios
Feb. '96 Info by Apathy Studios
hi : yay!@ another fun-fill
ed apathy month. we lose a few members, we
gain a few members, and misfit is 20 pounds lighter. elit
oops : yours truly, trip, master of all that is f
uzzy and warm, managed to fuck up the 05 pack. one
of nootropics fonts was released under 2 fi
le names,
as was one of mojos. oops.
hqs : mucho apologies to betrayer and his board
evil intentions, which is
apathy western hq, but somehow managed to not get listed.
its in there now.
harvest moons number has been corrected. damn mo
nkeys been playin with the
site list again.
socks : i bought 3 socks today. can you guess what the 3rd
one is for?
lost members : well, as with all groups, we lost a few mem
bers this month for
various reasons. first of all illusion x resigned,
to save us the trouble of kicking his trick ass ou
t. ysee, trip and i misfit got tired of ix jerking
us around is he in? is he out? etc etc etc, and then fla
t out lied to us by
saying he was leaving the scene till he got really good,
then hed come back and join apathy. uh huh. right
after that he applied to acid and this coming
straight from radman was rejected. then he joined mop and
said hed stay with
them for awhile. a month later, i hear hes joined anemia.
whatever. l8a dude.
next off, our old pal reptile left, to pursue a ful
l time career in basic, and
we wish him luck good luck jeff! come see me! :. also,
due to inactivity,
alt and mephitopeles have been removed, and
apathy cofounder borys and my old
bud village idiot have been made our first alumni
people who are inactive but
we dont wanna kick out :.
changed members : ewheat has changed his handle to
james, in honor of misfit.
gained members : lint comes to us as an ascii arti
st, and is working on the
apathy web page. professa booty joins as telecom he
ad. he is seriously goining
to help apathy, and we give him our biggest of welcomes.
mr self destruct is
here for ansi, drawing on an amiga. hooptie, coder
extraordinare, joins to an-
other art form he is very talented in, ansi. his oldschool
work is definately
to be ph34red. two new canucks, fractal an
d fringe, join this month. fractal
is world renowned for both his ascii and his chia pet
immitations. fringe is
a talented font artist with an uncanny resemblance to the
toon in eiht balls
pic this month. rumor has it he posed for that pic himself.
note : if trip forgot anyone there, sorry man. blame trip,
not me g -mt.
february : february is Return Shopping Carts to Supermarket
poo : poo is alive and well. still, i dont think many memb
ers got the mess-
age in last months pack. if you are a member, YOU MUST CAL
OTHER WAYS TO GET YOUR WORK TO US. really, its not that har
d. either send mis-
fit or myself email our addresses are at the end of this
file or call poo.
simple, eh?
hey! this is nootropic speaking here... for our next apathy
pack we plan to havesome kind of giger-f
est celebrating the works of the artist H.R. Gig
er.. so!
to the artists of apathy.. if you can, please attempt a gige
r piece. and to
everyone else, we plan to carry the theme through the diz, t
he headers, and
various other blah-blah files.
visit a giger page! get giger art! http://www.ucs.usl.ed
bye : that ends this months info file. to half-quote Edicu
satan loves you. but apathy loves you more.
trip thrust@primenet.com misfit misfit@arena.leb
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