0196 Info File by Apathy
0196 Info File by Apathy
a p a t h y
apathy - the january thing.
it hurts when i pee.
01.96 info file by
misfit and trip
header by illusion x
im happy. no, fuck it, im thrilled. wait, scratch that,
im ecstatic. why? well, this has been a good month. well,
its had its sucky points too but for the most part its been a
spiff december. why? well, first off, we havent lost a single member.
well okay, we lost one. but still, the new members/leaving members ratio is
like 10 to 1. so im happy.
1st the good news..weve had a rather large influx of members. first of all,
ewheat is back!! yes, that wacky guy we all know and fondle is back, persian
rug and all dont ask. he originally left over a big misunderstanding, but
hes back where he belongs on the rug : and doin that spiff ansi stuff he
does so well. next comes an old friend of mine from waaaaaay back in my eden
days. carpet monkey aka the weird one joins us this month, bringing his
incredible music and budding ansi talents. i love this guy. smmoooooch. next
up is a spiff coder who goes by assumed assassin. this month he did us a rad
set of screen savers, and i assume huh huh hell be doing us more stuff in
the near future. next, geez, this list goes on and on is fresh, a talented
ascii artist coming to us from iesus!ascii, which has recently pushed up the
proverbial daisies. also hooking up with us from iesus is smokey he goes by
redman too, even though we keep telling him theres already been a redman :
and hell be doing us some pimpin ascii. peachy. next up is probably one of
my favorite artists of all time, ex-acid and -saga artist p-chan puts up a
tent huh huh in the apathy camp. damn im excited this month. another on
my list of artists i adore who joined apathy is the one, the only, nootropic
previously of saga, sagas reincarnation, and legend. hes got one of the
most original and kickin styles ive ever seen and i absolutely jizzed when
he told me he wanted to join. finally, a spiffy toon artist who likes to be
called eiht ball joins up from i think toon. hes got a really neato style
and i welcome him, and all the other new artists, aboard. er, maybe not fin-
ally. two more members joined up at the last minute... caduceus heres hop-
ing i spelled that right : and nosferatu, both from eden and hey, theyre
local boys!. nos is an awesome pic artist with probably the best knowledge
of negative space ive ever seen figure it out chumly , and cad is a keen
upcoming 80x50 pic artist in his own right. hi everyone!
also, i suppose i should mention the fact that awesome ascii guy point blank
joined this month, did us a couple of asciis, and decided to pursue a solo
career. were sorry to see his ass go, but hey, im too damn ecstatic to be
depressed. we love you pb! come back! :.. good luck dude.
and, alas, as is with most groups, we lost an artist this month. an old bud
veteran apathy artist scribble took off, saying and i quote im bored
with ansi. sniff.. bye robert. hasta la vista baby. adios. buh bye. lata.
seeya. au revoir. etc. etc. later dude.
whoopsie... forgot to mention, apathy now has its own groupie division, made
up of alt, cidica, and our newest groupie : tical yknow, that ice guy. we
hope they do their job well their job being basically to get on irc to make
people join apathy, by whatever means of persuasion necessary. if you too
would like to be an apathy groupie, call poo see below. neat.
okay. neat. now on to actual important stuff :. heres the news youve all
been dying for. poo is up! w00 h00! neato! yay! damn im happy. the official
apathy world dump site is finally up. call it now, stooge. 602 589 0791. its
got a neato acidic renegade setup done by no other than apathys own hooch,
and his modding pal halo :. everyone pat those two on the back. most of our
members know this already, but for those we havent been able to contact...
you kinda sorta hafta call poo at least once and set up an account in case u
have to call in an emergency. or something. or just wanna chat. if you need
to contact any apathy member for any reason you can probably find them there
or on irc, whatever :. call now. right now. dont even finish looking at the pack. dont even finish reading this. why are you still reading?!?! CALL
NOW MOTHERFUCKER!!@!??!! ahem. sorry bout that. but still.. call.
illustration time.
e s
n l h
s o l
o n o
r g n
e g
ewheat poses nude with his favorite persian rug. apathy, in yet another
ground breaking scene move, has entered the world of hard core porn. drool.
okay.. now on to da tripstah..
hades, while on a crack binge, decided to
go to africa to teach english to a tribe
of savages no apathy witty humor, hes
really going. he is drawing up a frenzy,
so he has work for the 4 months he will no
be gone. he will remain a member, and free fear sex here
hopefully, will make it back in one piece. hi beer
The area of africa he is going to is not-
orious for deaths caused by rhinocerous
tramplings. good luck adam. rumor has it, t
adam has grown a white boys fro just for i
the occasion.
you think that toon over there sucks? me epidemic, the homie w/ a hat,
t3w. i did it twice. the 1st time was muc hades, with his white boy fro
h better. but nero kept bugging me to do trip, with his hair in his eyes
his font, so i did. and overwrote my part and misfit eminating eliteness.
of the nfo file. everyone say thanks notice were all touching our-
nero!@ selves.
my nuts : my nuts had a good month. after dumping my girlfriend, they final-
ly got some piece and quiet.
and now back to me.. my nuts are pretty much at ease. rest easy men.
a new addition to the apathy pack this month is the member profiles thing.
basically, what it is is an attempt to show all those scene types just how
strange we really look well, it seemed a sound idea at the time. januarys
victi- er, participant, is carpet monkey. carpet monkey has the true dist-
inction of being the first apathy member to at least temporarily sport a
remember now.. poo. 602 589 0791. w0rd. if youre a member and cant call out
let us know so we can kick your ass out just kidding :... nah, let us know
so we can make other arrangements to get in touch with you.
*** Last Minute Update from trip ***
due to some phone bill problems, misfit can no longer coordinate. he is still
drawing only for apathy, but cant make any calls. this is NOT the end of
the group. We have brought on Nootopic and Ewheat as senior staff, with Spear
and Creed helping coordinate as well. Misfit is still SS, he will be helping
make group decisions, and all other things associated with ss, minus coordin-
ating. All this makes it VERY important that each and every apathy member who
can call long distance call poo at least once a month to upload work. There is an apathy member account, login : apathy password : apathy, in which members
can get in quick, upload their work, and get out. users who can afford to look around the board on an account of their own is encouraged to do so.
illusion x is my hero.
anyway, thas about it. enjoy the pack later, first call poo :, and well see ya in 30 or so. buh bye bay bee.
- misfit misfit@i.dont.have.an.address - trip thrust@primenet.com
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