12/95 logo stack by Creed
12/95 logo stack by Creed
s w0o, handle change... i am now the artist formerly
s known as stain... creed! yep, ive said before...
stain was the lamest handle of all time... so i
ssss changed it! pretty neat, huh? yep. so, its been a
lazy month... most of this i did before the fifth and
. .. after the 20th. so i had my grace period, time to rok!
email: creed@novasys.com vmb: 1-800-314-885 box 842 irc nick: creed
the sysop of erebus is hooch, hooch wrote an article for y0lk... the night i
got the issue, i did my best logo ever. see how things get done? yep. if
the board name were less letters, of course, it would have been a better font.
i had to squish it this is the first ansi since back from my leave of
absence, i guess. thanks to unsane, neurosis, and lord jazz for inspiration.
erebus: the coolest board on the face of the earth in hoochs opinion
--cd-spas.lgo---------------------------------------------------------------- the wizard actually had the courtesy to call me voice and have a nice, long
conversation with me. he asked for spastic logos, so here we go. i got this
idea from asylum.
i really do like talking on the phone. i also like doing things for big ansis
like memberlists and stuff. they get used a lot if theyre good. i like that.
spastic member listing: september 1995
--cd-spas3.lgo--------------------------------------------------------------- this space for rent / 50,000 per month.
spastic site listing september 1995