December '95 Info Stuff by Apathy Studios
December '95 Info Stuff by Apathy Studios
written by those two crazy
gimps misfit and trip..
and then they released .. the pack. wo
w. that was neat. okay, um, hi there.
welcome to the fourth bitchin apathy pack. four pa
cks... holy shit. how many
groups can say that? not many... even less if you count al
l the packs thatre
halfway decent :. nah, whatever. um, jeah. well, this mont
h was kinda suckin.
not for the art, thats improved, but more for the members
. most of my month
scene-wise, at least was tied up in the whole saga/acid
merge thing, so i
couldnt do a lot for the group i love :. plus, through,
inactivity, raising
quality, etc, we lost several members ill go into it more
okay, well, the good news is, we gained several members. fi
rst off is defiant,
an awesome pic artist from spastic and motion. this guy ru
les, and i for one
am glad to have him aboard. next is mojo, whos doin
g lots and i mean lots of
ascii for us. one guy we forgot to mention last month, is
anarchist whos doin
ansi and ascii for us, along with a multitude of sexual fav
ors. next is a neat
guy buy the name of sasafras dont ask me dude, w
ho comes to us from a dead?
group called seven i think its dead anyway. and, finall
y, comes creed, one
hell of an awesome chef.. er, artist. he specializes in ans
i and ascii, and by
god, hes fun too he writes y0lk. if you havent heard of
y0lk, consider your
self bludgeoned. m33ps to all.
and now, the bad news. we had a bunch of members leave this
month, due to var-
ious circumstances. we made the decision to raise our qual
ity, and thus, the
following members got da boot : eclipse, pirate
box, and vassago. leaving due
to a big misunderstanding is an old friend, ewheat.
dude, eric, if youre read
ing this, get in touch with me. also, ellis dee and
killa hertz left to do the
acid thing. fluid was booted for ripping, and final
ly, fozzle, red mist,
corpse warper are out due to falling off the face o
f the earth. sigh.
in other news, kamikaze is no longer senior staff d
ue to lack of time.
hoo wa! pimpin da hoes with a guest appearance is that s
tudly man of a man, bedlam of acid and fire.
hes got a swell lil rip for us, and we thank him.
love you chris :.
One of poo is going to
be up soon. i know i said last
Nipple - month tha
t itd be going up thanksgiving week-
Woman, end, but well, its
not. look for it in a couple
s days.
bride to
be. dogs are
fun to touch. ask trip :
member news : we are downsizing the group. too hig
h a percentage of our mem-
bers either dont produce often enough, or produce nothing
but logos. under-
stand, me and misfit have to call these people. we
dont like calling 35 ppl
a month, and neither does our phone bill. i think mi
sfit is saying more on
this, so ill leave it to him to mention whos leaving.
update on my gonads : i think ill make th
is monthly installment. this month, after rubbing t
he chia pet sollution all over my nutsack some1 in
ansi said
it was cool, my pubic hairs began growing at a tremendous
rate. now, my nut-
sack somewhat resembles the hair from misfits nose
read: around 3 feet long,
each strand several centimeters in diameter . More
on this next month.
coolansi : This is a utility i found in th
e street under a nudie mag. Ya know
how acidview makes shaded blocks look all k-spiff? well
this is a tsr that will do just that for you. so
if you dont use acidview, but like the smooth
shading, this is for you. note : with older video cards,
you will experience
some problems.
VGA : This month, Dr Hades
gave us some absolutely amazing vga work. Even
you normally dont look at vgas, i highly suggest you look
at his work. Hades
is one of my personal friends, so all you group seniors,
step off, you cant have him. :
Okay, Ive managed to ramble on for long enough, go look at
the pack. And, in
the words of m0g3l, 3y3 lub j00!@@I**Y@
Writers : Misfit
Trip Apathy News Letter Photographer
: Trip
Child Molester : Trip Nippl
e Twister : Misfit