November '95 Info File by Apathy Studios
November '95 Info File by Apathy Studios
written by those two crazy
mofos misfit and trip..
hey yawz... welcome to the brand spankin new
apathy pack. enjoy the last pack? same her
e... i thought it was pretty darn cool, and this mon
ths little
gem is even better. changes abound this month, as we gain
new members, merge
with a group, and copulate with small woodland creatures.
yes, apathy is back
and were bringing you a quadruple dose of the mindnumbing
fuckery youve come
to cherish.
the biggest news this month is the merger with a small 602
based group called
thrust. basically, it happened like this..i was on
irc one day when i saw this
guy named trip offering the october thrust pack. i
was and still am planning
on starting an emag called root down focusing on smaller
groups, so i dccd
it from him and checked it out and liked what i saw. a co
uple nights later i
again saw him on irc and told im i liked the pack, and offh
andedly said that a
merge between apathy and thrust would be cool. well, we tal
ked more, and i got
his number, and we started chatting more. well, several day
s and sexual favors
later, we seriously began discussing a merge. we talked it
over, worked it out
and bewm, here we are. we gained like ten new members thr
ough the merge, and trip and the other thrust staffe
r kamikaze are now apathy senior staff alon
with me, of course :. trips gonna tell you more about it
okay, on to other group news. we gained quite a few new
members this month, along with those peeps acquired
in the merger. first off, a guy by the name of
killa hertz hooked up with us this month. hes be
en in several groups before
i.e. spastic, cia, blade, surge, etc and now hes here. h
e draws ansi, ascii
and vga, and can also play every sonic youth song ever on
his armpit i guess
that makes him multi-talented :. next is an ansi artist k
nown as illusion x.
hes a talented fontist, and now hes branching off into pi
cs. we expect great
things from this gimp in future months g. is short, goof
y looking and long-
winded in here, or just me?. anyway... next on the hit lis
t is a kick-ass vga
artist from saga named fozzle of course, he does
nt do vga for us :. hes
branching off into ansi and here he is. cha-cha-cha. finall
y weve got one new ascii artist, a pic artist name
d fluid a.k.a. seethe, he used to draw fo
r warner studios. okay, one more :. towards the e
nd of the month we picked up
a bitchin little ansi artist named screeching weasel
from motion. we welcome
all these guys into apathy and give em a great big wet hug
oh yeah, a note about some of the art in this pack. one of
the ansis in here,
li-vhell.ans is a re-release. it originally came out in
an old eden pack, back when lithium went b
y b0rys. we talked it over and decided to release i
again because, well, not many people ever saw any of the ed
en packs.. so, bewm
there it is. also, there are two ansis in here by one of
the original apathy
members, morbid fixation. they were originally d
one for apathy, but when it died, they were released
elsewhere... now theyre back with apathy, where the
y belong :. hey adam, call me bitch :.
oh yeah, a little update on my testicles. well, i w
ent to a doctor who special
izes in things of a testicular nature and he discovered th
at the cause of all of the pain in my willy has bee
n cause by a small nugget grub named consuelo
he the doctor, not consuelo said that he could remove the
grub, but it would
kill the little guy. not wanting to have that on my consci
ence, ive decided to simply live with it. anyway,
greets to consuelo.
uh, yeah. anyway.. man, i was really reaching with that one
. ahem. i feel dumb
now. okay, speaking of testicles, heres trips section..
One step for man... one gigantic leap for the scene.
Yes, the signs are true. Marss in perfect unision with Ven
us. All the fortune
cookies were true. Prophet Joseph P Munkee predicted it.
Thrust merged with Apathy.
Lemme do a little rundown of who the fuck we are.
trip - me - ansi/ascii/senior. homicidal munkee.
kamikaze - ansi. fellow senior. even tho he does
nt do jack :
vassago - ansi. He thinks he can fly. his mom ca
lls him ricco ree koh
eclipse - code/ansi. Doing apathyvu. in love wit
h a cow.
piratebox - ansi. abducted by aliens 90 of the tim
my nuts - sweat. got fondled by a doctor. said h
e was searching for lumps. red mist - asci
i. abducted by government even more than piratebox.
corpse warper - music. got his woman knocked up.
hades - vga. raver at large.
mr munkee - swinging from trees. talks to me when n
o one else will.
mastermind- www type person. awol.
alt - super duper leet warez chick.
that was fun, huh? this aint no head trip honey. its a
head on collision.
some members of thrust were left out. one quit the scene,
one got kicked for non-cool behavior. but, the me
rge brings apathy up to 35 or so members
, so losin a few ppl wont hurt us much.
know whats strange? Not many ppl in the scene have heard o
f Korn. they rox0r.
hi mom.
Ok. enough babbling.
trip hea
rs the munkee
mating call.
hey look, the braves won.
sorry, had to get that outa my system. We are re-releasing
some ansis from the
past few thrust packs, as we f34r that not enough p
pl saw them. if you didnt,
joy, yer gonna see them now. if you did, well, go look at
em again. uhm, im
am for the first time at a loss for words. so like, le
t the art speak for itself, or some weird shit like
that. lizzates.
okay, thank you trip :. oh yeah, good news on the poO
front. trip has decided
to take down his board illegal immigrants former
thrust whq and run poO for
me. its not up yet were waiting for hooch to mod the s
oftware, and i need to get some more art so for now
, illegal immigrants is the apathy world head-
quarters. give it a ring at 602-589-0791, nup : methane.
poO should be up in like two weeks, so by apathy04.z
ip well have a permanent whq. also, as a neat
little perk, youll be able to apply online hey, keen. ke
ep your eyes peeled
and call poO! .
one thing i neglected to mention in last months info file
was icky. what is
icky? well, i dont know if many of you remember, but a whi
le ago there was an
odd little group floating around called wballz. the purpose
of wballz was fun.
what they did was recruit several well known artists in the
scene like tempus
thales, hannibal lector, etc and these artists would take
all the crappy, un-
finished work sweltering in their thedraw directories and r
elease them. thats
basically what icky is. if youd like to join, just send me
some butt-ugly art
and youre in. you get a member board and everything :.
also, if you wanna get in touch with any of the members fo
r a request, sexual
favors, whatever call the apathy vmb at 1-800-256-6269, b
ox 7543 and, as a bonus, you get to hear my mascul
ine voice on the message.. neat eh?. and btw,
do not, repeat, do NOT call for a distro. first well say n
o, then well laugh
at you until you get all embarassed and soil yourself. is i
t worth it? you dec
ide :.
well, thas about it. enjoy the pack, and as always, spank
your monkey to the
art contained herein and this month, that actually means s
omething. theres a
gif included in this pack of very awesome and completely n
ekkid clueless star
alicia silverstone. who says small groups are worthless? ta
-ta boys.
- misfit
despite all my rage im still just a rat in a cage .. yea
h, whatever.