october '95 info file by misfit
october '95 info file by misfit
. apAthy .. fOunder miSfit ...
l .,ssS
SSs,. l
S l+----------------
s, apathy?! whered they co
me from?! ,s
1. apathy! well, i know all you apathy groupies
out there have been piss-
ing in your pants in hopes of another keen lil pack, an
d i, being one
not to dissapoint our fans yes, all 7 of them, here it
is. id like
to take this opportunity to thank you for downloading
this pack from
somewhere even though it took you like, what, less than
a minute and
taking a look at it. anyway.. this was an okay month. w
e gained a few
members, lost a few, had one guy join only to have me bo
ot his ass out
a few days later, and gained another site. so, without f
urther fucking
around, on to the goodies..
1. nivek ogre! seems like this section always
has to do with your friend
and mine, nivek ogre a.k.a. b0rys, a.k.a. ed. well, no
t to break his
trend of almost constant handle changes, nivek is now kn
own as lithium
and yeah, i think there was a lithium in the scene be
fore, but who
gives a fuck?. wewp..
2. fresh meat! weve gained a couple new member
s read: targets and i
didnt even have to go after these guys.. they all appl
ied! wow..
anywho, first joining this month is a talented ascii ar
tist by the
name of reptile. dunno, what groups he was in be
fore, but hes good
so bewm, hes here. next is an ascii and sometime ansi
artist who
goes by the handle of hooch. he used to go by eu
phoria, he used to
run emerge yes, the group that apathy merged with befor
e, go read
the apathy01.zip info file. okay, lets see..fuck, runn
ing a group
is hard.. i hope i dont forget anyone. okay, well a nea
to freak by
the name of epidemic joined us this month. i lie
d, i actually asked
him to join :.. hes for the most part an ascii guy he
s in endow
i think but hell be doing ansi for us. lesee... anothe
r /-spiffy
guy named ellis dee rob to his mom : hooked up
with us this month
and im such a fucking liar, i asked him to join too :
. hes sen-
ior staff in saga, and hell be doing some bitchin littl
e logos for
us apathy posers :. next theres spear, an asci
i artist damn, why
do we have so many ascii artists? : formerly of roc. an
d, finally,
we have our first non - u.s. citizen, that aussie chica
maeve wolf
tatharina on irc. she does ansi, ands a pretty darn
neat person
ta boot.. oh, wait. shit. i forgot someone. from blade w
e welcome a
swell ansi artist by the name of scribble. okay,
keen. i think that
i got everyone. neato. welcome to all yall. oops... joi
ning at the
last minute almost literally is that zany ice mofo
he did a really cool ansi for the pack itochat! and i
welcome his
azz too :
3. new boards! well, we have an eastern
headquarters now. mindcrimes
neato board alderAAn is now the official apathy
eastern dump site.
keen, huh? btw, call the board its in the 909 area cod
e, which is
like somewhere in new jersey, but dont hold that agains
t it, its
really cool. also, hoochs board erebus is a m
ember site. it used
to be really popular when it had an 800 number, but now
its just a
geeky bbs that runs pcboard ack g. just kidding eric
. well, we
got a central hq now too, in harvest moon, ru
n by that wacky guy
quran hope i spelled that right :. our new southern h
is ellis dees neo nacho, and the new israeli
hq is sharp edges
ground zer0. for new member boards, we got spear
s board the lamers
retreat, and reptile tells me his board tu
rmoil is going up soon.
neat. also, like, lord jazzs board huma is the
new western apathy
dump site. keen.
4. seeya! well as much as we dont like to see
it, a member left. your
friend and mine blenderhead left to pursue a f
ull time career in
porno photography which he seems to enjoy. hes also i
n saga, and
hes not really into dual-grouping, so.. good luck toddl
er. leaving
with blendaz is his board mud. also, a guy named
white death joined
our happy little family, but he started fighting with ew
heat, so i
booted him out white death, not ewheat. see, apathy is
about fun,
and im not gonna put up with members bitching with eac
h other, so
if you wanna join but you have a problem with one of the
other guys
either keep it to yourself or go join GRiP/AD . now, w
ith that un
pleasantness behind us..
4. nads! my balls still hurt. i went to the doc
tor, but all he did was
tell me too look sideways and cough while he fondled my
and while i found it somewhat arousing, he didnt cur
e me. maybe
next month.
5. poO update! well, my board poO! still isnt
up. i was hoping to put
it up sometime this month, but due to getting hardly a
ny hours at
mcdonalds yes, i sling hash at micky-ds, i dont hav
e enough
for a new computer im running off my dads right now.
.. ahwell..
so until it goes up, sadistic temple is still the whq.
6. whatever! uh, yeah. this sucks. im trying t
o concentrate on typing
this, but at the same time im on a 3-way conversation
with ellis
dee and stone amnesia, and they wont shut up :. nah, i
n miscella-
neous apathy news, i misfit am trying my hand at rip g
raphics dis
month, and although i suck, im releasing em :. also,
we decided
to re-release some semi-old lithium pics, done back
when he was
in eden. he and i came to this decision cause the eden
packs never
got really wide distribution. uh, yeah.
7. top ten! well, these are the top ten reason
s to join apathy, done
in reverse numerical order to heighten the suspense : .
10. it makes your dick bigger.
9. get head from ewheat.
8. flying monkeys.
7. phone sex with stone amnesias sister brooke.
6. because even WE kick GRiPs ass.
5. bleach is dead, so what other pack are you gonna get
your art
released in, huh?
4. misfitll talk dirty to you.
3. because theres no i in team. uhm, yeah.
2. kinky sexual favors from iridescent.
1. because if you dont well drive to you house and blu
dgeon you.
okay. wow.
8. the end! well thas about it. be sure to mast
urbate to the pack on a
regular basis. i know i will.
- misfit apathy prez!