Terror by Aristocrat
Terror by Aristocrat
--voici une divider----------------------------------------------------------- terror
a non-original ansi drawn by
aristocratistoat arisrat aristocrat aristocra
t ari at aristocrat aristoc
rat arcrat ariss
ocrat ocrat ara
stoc tocrat a
ris tocrac
ari tocr
at arstc
crat t aris
tocra rat ar
istoc stocrat
aris stocrc
t a istor
rat r at arisc
ocrat at ars
stocrat isisto tocrat a
ristocrat aristorat aristocrat stocrat aristocrat
- anemia -
--CUT ME---------------------------------------------------------------------
well, its my debut as an ansi artist for anemia.... actually, its my debut
ansi in any group. no part of this ansi may changed or cut without my
permission well, except for this part. if you want an ansi by me, too bad,
cause I barely have the time or energy to do them for the group. if you think
that you can change my mind, contact me on Channel X 8i7/468-oo25
or e-mail me at aristocrat@whytel.com
greetz: pq and sx - thanks for keeping SUiCiDE alive... i hope it never dies.
sd - thanks for ATTEMPTING to keep SUiCiDE alive and for all the
advice you gave me.
----------------------------------------------------------------------CUT ME-