Jive soda! by Mung
Jive soda! by Mung
probably my last ansi
4 An ansi by mu ng !
a long long time.
t even that good.
it kinda sucks
I did this pic, and didnt finish it, so I kinda made it look sem
able and put a logo on it. I picked Jive Soda because its one of
the best
goddamn names for a BBS Ive ever seen, besides Ejac! but I coul
d never
get anyone to use that one. That, and Noot did a pic of Hendrix,
pretty cool. The only reason Im releasing this lame pic is becau
se there
are way too many people doing way too many logos, and nobody does
anymore. So do some pics. Thats it, Im outta here...