Thats right! Back by unpopular demand, the 5th installment of
the anal legacy.. Though, there have been many mimics in the past
with little remorse, i can say that they have all been laid to rest
though, in actuality.. there have been no mimics of the anal legacy.
but.. hey.. fuck them anyway.
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hey.. remorse is good..
since everyone who sucked quit.. i mean, they now have a lineup that
any group should be envious of.
arlequin, merlin, mjolnir, brane, sudiphed, subsonic, polymorph
tzeentch, erupt.
i mean.. thats an amazing lineup right there.
and everyones bashing them. All it needs to do is kick out those it
hasnt heard from in a long time.. and/or those who dont produce
anymore.. and their lineup wouldnt look so clustered and idle.
with a little tinkering, remorse could once again be the powerhouse
of the ascii scene that it once was.
I mean, in your opinion take the top 5 from that list..
and compare them to the top 5 from any other group.
I think its safe to say, the whole scene has under estimated remorse
in the past few months.
anyway.. I picked up the madlocks cd recently..
dont ask me why..
It turns out its a fairly decent album.. aside from say..
the first 6 or 7 tracks, with the exception of track 3 snake eyes
but after that.. no real complaints..
meh.. im not going to get into it.. but out of 10, id give it a 6.5
maybe even a 7 if im in a good mood.
fuck the bullshit, i stack nuts like a squirrel
hey.. heres an article i wrote for mimeograph.. just to waste
some space.
anyway.. all the b.s. aside, this month hasnt been very eventful.
rippa was appointed senior.. he quit.. polygon threatened to quit..
retribution was kicked out..
hey. Good.
fuck them. You know why? because i said so.
rippa killed legacy, and all of a sudden hes made senior by black jack
.. after reviewing the facts for about, 30 seconds.. I stumbled upon
the startling fact that I am in fact.. a senior.
was in informed? no. Was i told of the news after it had happened?
no. .. what about the next day?
.. no.
I found out 2 days later.
so, fuck that.
polygon is a gif2ansi using ripping fag. He should have been kicked
out a long time ago.
and retribution? he asked to be kicked. Now hes throwing a hissy
fit because i actually did it.
fuck him.
Jeff doesnt trust me.. hell, why should he? ive only tried to
improve mimic for the few months ive been a senior. Ive only
gotten countless people to join. Ive only tried to actually
get things done, as opposed to other seniors in the group who
shall remain nameless. One of them quit, and the others handle
rhymes with bel negro.. well, kinda.
All of that aside, because i want to get rid of members who havent
done anything in a long time.. Named discyple.
he doesnt trust me.
fuck that.
since then.. i quit, and was banned from the channel
hows that for gratitude..
but dave.. you wanted to kick people out, and you were nothing
but trouble for the past few weeks
what? shut up.
jeff is on crack.
for numerous reasons.. I wont go into any of them here though.
just because.