r u m s p r i n g a
Hay there! Its yer pal, filth.
The following three pieces were drawn somewhere in 94ish-95ish
for a few local boards in my section of the 717. Im pretty sure
these were some of my first attempts to actually draw ANSi that
extended past 24 lines. 24 lines in those days full screen
I drew these before I actually was a part of the ANSi scene. In
fact, I wasnt too clear if it even was around when I first
found ANSi art packs on random BBSS. I didnt have the internet
at the time and long distance calls in the mid-90s were a cardinal
sin when youre 14.
However, there was a message base that had a .network to other
BBS message boards. One of those sub message bases was used for
people showing off ANSis amongst others within the confines of
this network.
Thats where these first appeared. And then I never saw them again.
These were posted on a message board from almost 25 years ago, so
I cant exactly hit up the ANSi archive sites to find them.
But I actually did find them on the internet. Not in an art pack,
but an old magazine from 1998 called Gutter. In the first issue,
17 year old me wanted to pack a punch with the release so I gathered
up every scrap of ANSi I ever made and put together a compilation
called filopian. *SIGH* its supposed to be a play on fallopian.
17 year old me, hah.
So, If youre a back in the day kid, then you should easily see the
the influence I got from looking at old iCE and ACiD packs.
Or just straight up trying to draw like Aphex Twin and Pnakotik.
So enjoy the next 15 or so seconds it takes to look at these
ancient relics of yesteryear. Im glad I found a good place with
good peeps from 717 to finally release them.
So big ups to all the AMiSH homies and to all the folks from the
717 area code in the 90s.
717 AMiSH FiLTH 7/17
Additional props to the following 717 boards of the 90s:
The Plateau, The Smoking Floppi, Not Yet Named, The Peanut Gallery,
Sunken Treasure, the board that went up for a few hours a day so
people could swap porn, Lehigh Mountain and the handfull of others
I cant remember.
r u m s p r i n g a