A.M.i.S.H NFO by xeR0 / MiSFIT
A.M.i.S.H NFO by xeR0 / MiSFIT
Wilkum, once again, to AMiSH country!
Our first pack, released almost exactly a year ago, went over like a tasty
slab of Lebanon bologna which is to say excellent, way better than youd
think. What might have been a one-off exercise in lifes simple bounty has
now become a tradition. This year, with a bit of maturity under our belts,
we find ourselves face to face with that awkward time in every young art
groups life where we have to decide what our future holds. Will we stay or
will we go? What will become of us? We face a rite of passage.
We call it Rumspringa.
So the first major difference you might notice in this release is the addition
of some distinctly non-Pennsylvanian members. It was a difficult choice,
allowing outsiders into the fold, but we felt compelled to shore up our ranks
due to some unexpected and very naked aggression from a fellow group. Being
the pacifists that we are, we chose not to take the fight to them. Theyre
bigger than us and would probably hand us our asses in a fair fight. Instead,
were employing some classic guerrilla tactics and have also called in some
sympathetic and dedicated cadre to help carry us to victory.
This other group - we shall not sully our NFO with their name - they started
this fight. They called us out, they chucked crap into our fields, they mocked
our ways. They thought we were a once-and-done thing and that we wouldnt have
the oysters to come back at them. We shall not speak of them, but lets just
say that their name rhymes with Yule and their crop yields are bullshit.
They employed a mysterious weapon in their attack, something called a Mel
Far Suppastar which we believe to be a codename for the dread Multi-Faculty
Scrambler MFS. This dastardly weapon is said to unleash a stream of
gibberish so confusing - and in such great quantity - so as to completely
befuddle any good folk who should find themselves in its way. True to the
name, it scrambles your faculties to a degree where it becomes difficult to
function. Once this war is won, it is our primary objective to capture this
What they didnt bargain for is the might of the AMiSH War Machine.
The core yoders of AMiSH have all returned for this release. Filth, Xer0,
Transient, Acid Phix and myself have all rolled up our collective sleeves. In
addition, weve called upon a variety of secret weapons from every distant
corner of the text art scene. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder in
this fight with our brothers: Mattmatthew, AVG, Whazzit, Burps, Nail, Cthulu,
Reset Survivor, Ungenannt, Knocturnal, Haliphax, Trip and the mysterious
cyborg known only as Brother Alpha.
Our brothers come from many places and are veterans of many wars. Members of
AMiSH have seen combat with the likes of Blocktronics, ACiD, iCE, Apathy,
Impure, Fuel, Spastic, CiA, Legion, Remorse, Mistigris, TekLordz, Fire and
more. Our arsenal is large and our bench is deep.
In addition, weve called up a battle station in the form of Bit Sunrise BBS,
our official Hollywood headquarters. Many thanks to our brother Dark Rebellion
for offering safe harbor to this ragtag fugitive fleet.
Speaking of rebellious outposts where AMiSH artists can be found and AMiSH
packs may be downloaded, we now have an official location on the World Wide
Web! Cyberspace is no longer a mystery to us! Direct your web browser to
https://amish.0w.nz for all manner of forbidden fruits. Our web master is
our very own brother Xer0, and we thank him for damning his eternal soul with
this modern contraption so that we may reach a wider audience.
And so the time has come for me to wrap up this ramble, lest it be seen as too
ostentatious. Enjoy this years harvest, ye English heathens!