GO BULLDOGS! by filth
GO BULLDOGS! by filth
this goes out to: Dave A, Greg G, Kimberly E, Maria D, Jess S, Becky E.
Benny G, Jason S, Ian B, Travis R, Andy M.
for being punk rock kids living in small towns
and seeing the bigger picture.
* side note:
if youre in Pennslyvania and driving along I-80 and see an exit
for Jersey Shore thinking its New Jersey, its not. its
actually a small rural town in Pennsylvania thats called
Jersey Shore. its also where i grew up. so its most definitely
not associated with that idiot programming called Jersey Shore
featuring idiots doing nothing for idiots who do nothing.
always trying to make a buck, MTV producers contacted my hometown
thinking itd be great TV to have the cast of that visual
and mental vomit show come to my hometown and fumble around
the countryside.
my hometown wieghed the options and decided: go fuck yourselves.
its a polite town, so they may have used different words.
so, snooki, if you ever see this and you learned how to read:
you look like a ripped open garbage bag that mangy dogs got into.