The story of some guys from Pennsyl-
vania who came up with a funny idea
. years ago and are finally executing.
mi5fit, fi1th, xeR0, / /
aC1d pH1x, tr4n513nt /
Much love to our pals in Blocktronics,
Impure, Fuel, Mistigris, Galza, Titan,
sixteencolors.net, textmod.es,
artpacks.org, Hawk Hubbard at Black
Flag, Shooter Jennings at Bit Sunrise
and any other site, sysop or individual
who helps keep this thing going. mt717 :
enz0, h7, iks, hellbeard, grisk, venam.
dMG, kniffy, cthulu, haliphax, lib bro
dcat, z3bra, apk14, rocx, fro, kirbyuk,
: neeasade, jmbi, unixmafia, stark, maze
everyone not idling on irc.unix.chat.
- x0
misfit, for inviting me to remember.
eerie, stone the crow, radman and jed.
for the old school. filth, xer0 and
transient for helping me believe. enz0
TCF and blocktronics for the love and
Bell Atlantic for the memories. Cheers
- ap
Steven H. Enoch M. - technical, ado-
lescent partners in crime. Those ill-
spent days of digging through boxes of
computer parts and just figuring out
ways to make things work paved the road
to the rest of my life. - fil
filth, misfit, xer0 and acid phix: my
fellow AMiSH brethren. - transient
:.:/.: : :/.:. : aRTiSaNal
/: / / : / / / / / / : / :/ iNf0/by
../. xeR0/.